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Best Luxury Hotels For Your Next Stay In London

The capital city of England and the United Kingdom – London on the banks of River Thames has been the significant city of establishment for around two thousand years. London is the most popular travel destination for its perfect blend of the old and modern architecture that goes around the Roman era. Walking through London is the strange ordeal of romanticism. Some of the world’s best heritages like Big Ben Clock Tower and Westminster Abbey are part of this city.

London is quite a sprawling city, and you must stay in a location that is equidistant from various charms in London. Whereas the area is essential – it is also important that your stay should be grand and majestic as the city itself. Whether you are visiting or staying in from another country or on tour in your roof box tent – here is the list of eight luxury hotels in London.

Rosewood London

Rosewood is part of the heart of the historic city of Holborn. The architecture originates from the Edwardian and Renaissance period. It is located close to Historic locations like St. Paul’s Cathedral and British Museum. The entire hotel, along with its neighborhood, gives vibes of the historical period of London. It’s perfect for people who want to feel the essence of romanticism and old-world charm. The hotel features one of the city’s best breakfasts and customer service in the town.

Four Seasons, Park Lane

This hotel is located within walking distance of most of the major tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Every vital part of London is within walking distance from the hotel. This place is where one can get pampered in the resident spa and luxurious rooms designed with private terraces and contemporary amenities. All rooms in the hotel offer stunning sights of Big Ben Clock towers and the London Eye.

The Savoy

Built-in 1889, the Savoy is the most critically acclaimed hotel in London. The hotel ideally sits between the Strand and the River. River- facing side is built-in Edwardian Style – Strand facing side is replete with Art Deco concept. The hotel is located in the centre of London and serves business travelers. The hotel gives an option of private butlers for your personal feel!

The Dorchester

This hotel was built and designed in Art Deco style in 1931. The hotel on Park Lane in Tilney Street. A plethora of exquisite restaurants surround the hotel. Dorchester itself has its own – Alain Ducasse, a three Michelin-starred French restaurant.  The rooms are ramped-up as per English style – with the impression of chic and sumptuous feel.


The hotel has been serving elites and royalties like Queen Victoria. And it has been quite an attraction since then. The hotel has a Michelin -starred restaurant with cuisines to melt away your heart. The hotel has 24 hours concierge service and spa service to tip off the royal feel. The surrounding place features many art galleries and shopping centres.

Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park

One of the most famous 5-star hotels in London, Hotel with a wild mix of Eastern oriental elegance and ultra-luxurious build on Hyde Park. The hotel has a dreamy ballroom where The Queen and Princess Margaret learned to dance – now is used for recreational ventures! The hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant and excellent service of the pool, spa, and many more.


Owned by Oetker collection is the iconic landmark at the heart of the capitals’ beloved fashionable and boutique. The rooms are exclusively built in Victorian style incorporating the latest technology and ultra-luxury. The hotel has made a world record of getting the fastest Michelin starred restaurant. One could get a Rolls-Royce for a drive with its exclusive deluxe suite!

Brown’s Hotel

The Hotel, which comprises of the townhouses on the streets of Piccadilly, has its rich history – Built-In 1837 with the architecture of the 11 Georgian townhouses. The Brown’s is perfect for writers and history lovers as it has hosted for Writers like – Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Historians like John Lothrop Motley. The list doesn’t end here; many royalties and other famous personalities have also made the stay in the Browns. The hotel has Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone, and he made the first-ever call.

London is a city packed with heritage and has made it on the list of the world’s most important global cities and is also known for being the world’s most powerful, influential, and desirable city. The city is brimming with history and the modern world at the same time. One can get a beautiful experience by staying in such luxurious hotels. The heart and soul of London are created and restored in these hotels, and visiting is a must!

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