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6 Reasons You Should See Bryce Canyon at Least Once in Your Life

Bryce Canyon is one of the most popular national parks in Utah and is already well known by the locals. But for some reason, it still doesn’t get the national attention it deserves. Bryce Canyon is a must for any outdoorsmen and has tons to offer to nature lovers. Here are six reasons you should see Bryce Canyon at least once in your life.

It Is Nature at Its Finest

Bryce Canyon may be the most commonly photographed site in Utah. This is because of the “hoodoos”, the red, orange, and white stone structures left behind by millions of years of erosion. The myriad small canyons are generally accessible. It is an amazing sight at sunrise and sunset.

The Views Are Not to Be Missed

The skies are incredibly clear here, making stargazing a popular activity for those who stay past sunset or spend the night. On a clear day, you could see New Mexico and Arizona in the distance. Or you can drive your vehicle to a number of scenic outlooks year-round.

You Can Go Hiking No Matter Your Form

Bryce Canyon has many walking trails and hiking trails. Whether you’re seeking a short relaxing hike or a hard, physically demanding one, you can find it in Bryce Canyon. A side benefit of Bryce Canyon being open year-round is that you can find snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and other winter trips on the trails you’d hike on foot during the summer. Up to 200 inches of snow falls per year, so it is recommended that you wear boots with ice traction soles if you’re hiking when winter arrives.

It Is Open to Biking in All Its Forms

Bryce Canyon has several trails open to biking. Whether you want to ride a two-wheeled mountain bike or ATV, Bryce Canyon lets you do so. Better yet, you can travel these trails through a variety of elevations. And if you don’t want to ride a bike, you can ride a horse along some of the trails.

The Educational Benefits Are Worth It

There is a wildlife and natural history museum in the park. It contains a wealth of geological and zoological specimens. See specimens in recreated habitats that are so realistic that you’d think you were seeing them in the wild. The facility hosts a large collection of Anasazi and Paiute artifacts as well.

There are Tons of Great Amenities Nearby

One of the perks of Bryce Canyon is the number of fully-staffed and stocked campgrounds and resorts just outside of it. You can find great hotels like the Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel, also known as the Bryce Canyon Grand, right past the entrances to the national park. Aside from luxury accommodations, they have a pool and whirlpool for those who want to spend time in the water. They offer a complimentary breakfast, but you can visit the full-service restaurant for other meals. As an added bonus, they’re in walking distance of horseback riding and ATV rentals.

Bryce Canyon combines the wild beauty of the area with accessibility. It provides a wealth of recreational opportunities and places to relax at the end of a busy day.


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