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Roc Nation To Produce Documentary On The Rucker, The Infamous Street Basketball Tournament

One of the most famous rap groups in the world will be producing a documentary on one of the more popular basketball leagues in New York City.

Basketball - The Rucker

Roc Nation, along with EverWonder Studios and 3 Legends Productions, will produce a documentary on the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The documentary will center on the details of the infamous stories regarding the tourney that gravitated celebrities, NBA players and folks from all over the world. The EBC, also known as The Rucker, was in Harlem near the Polo Grounds on 155th Street and Eighth Avenue, which is Rucker Park.

“The Rucker is an integral part of basketball culture. I’m honored to have been a part of its legacy. We’re looking forward to sharing the history in a way that’s never been done before,” says Juan Perez, executive producer and president of Roc Nation Sports in a written statement.

The project will also have never-before-seen video footage of some of the classic games played, highlighting the ballplayers who competed in the tournament to dazzle many summers in Harlem.

“As individuals who lived the culture that was revolutionized by the EBC, we knew that Juan Perez and Roc Nation were the only ones who would be as passionate about telling this story as we are. We’re thrilled to bring this series to life and showcase the expansive impact of The Rucker,” says executive producer Dorian “Black” Graham, who also played in the tournament during its heydays.

The Rucker was started in 1982 by Greg Marius, a rapper with Disco Four, who were signed to Profile Records in 1982. Following organizing a ballgame versus another hip-hop group, the Crash Crew, a crew that was beaten by 59 points, Marius’ group started organizing more games, which prompted an official league.

Through the years, the league featured many NYC basketball legends, including Rod Strickland, Malik Sealy, and Stephon Marbury before they became great NBA players. The EBC went on to grow in popularity and become the “must play in” league for all types of basketball players.

It also brought out rappers like Fat Joe and Jay-Z, who sponsored and coached the players.

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