Carlos King: The "King of Reality TV" Keeps It Real

The crown is heavy, but not too heavy for the proclaimed King of Reality TV, Carlos King. The Detroit native has recently seen his name brought up in conversations throughout Twitter, praising his shows such as BET Presents: The Encore to OWN’s Love & Marriage Huntsville. His shows are often trending on social media, and he is credited for some of the most memorable moments in reality TV history. Now as the world finally catches up to his brilliance, King is ready to accept his title as the King of Reality TV, while being a champion for our culture on screen and in the boardrooms; and he has no qualms about doing so.

“I love it, I really do,” King says about being called the King of Reality TV. “And I take the title very seriously. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and I hear the voices of Black Twitter reading me if my shows are not good…I am all over it when it comes to my shows. I have to live up to the name with everything I do,” he continues.

With his latest show, BET Presents: The Encore, Black Twitter most certainly was watching. The show, which premiered this Summer, took our favorite ladies from popular girl groups of the 90's/00's golden era of R&B music and put them under one roof with the goal of producing a collaborative album. What could go wrong? "This is the most dramatic experience of my career," King says. For many fans of his earlier work, even if they didn't recognize the man behind their favorite seasons, this show being the most dramatic experience of his career is hard to understand. This is the man who has produced other favorites such as Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Hollywood Divas, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and Love & Marriage Huntsville, which new season also premiered this Summer. The spectacle that Carlos speaks of is not contrived or played up for the cameras, instead for him it is about telling and highlighting” authenticity and relatable stories”.

The ability to conceive a show, which was shot 7 years ago, and not only entertain the masses with all the formulas that it takes to make a hit reality show, but to also show moments of hope, second chances, survival, and passion, places King in his own