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Jackson State Football Coach Deion Sanders Ordered Players to Stay in Hotel After Takeoff's Murder

After the tragic shooting death of Migos’ group member Takeoff on Tuesday, Jackson State University head football coach Deion Sanders is pulling out all the stops to ensure his players stay safe.

The Tigers are set to play Texas Southern in Houston this Saturday. And earlier this week, Sanders in a video told his players they can’t leave the hotel rooms for social activities before or after the game.

“What happened to Young Dolph? Tragic! What happened to Takeoff? Tragic! What happened to MO3 in Dallas? Tragic! What happen to Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles? Tragic!” Deric Muhammad, a community activist, said to ABC13 News.

The one he didn’t mention was PnB Rock, who was tragically murdered in Los Angeles at Roscoe’s Chick ‘N Waffles in September. All these artists were killed by gun violence within the last three years.

“Cemeteries are filled with Black brilliance that died way before their time,” Muhammad said. “Takeoff should be alive right now to continue to give the gift that God gave to him, but somebody made the mindless decision to fire a weapon and kill this innocent man. Now, his loved ones, his fans, our community, the culture, his entire family has to live with this for the rest of their lives.”

Takeoff was 28 when he died. But it was Sanders, who is changing the historically Black college football paradigm, that is valuing his team full of teenagers and those in their 20s. Sanders on video stood up and didn’t hold back.

“I’m just sick and tired of the consistency of the people that are influential to you are leaving us consistently – that’s our rappers,” Sanders said on social media. “Sooner or later, we got to start changing our addresses guys. That’s an analogy saying I know we this, but we ain't that. We got to leave behind what we once did. …You can’t continuously do the things you’ve always done and get the results. It’s gonna have to be a change.”

You can catch the entire video on Deion Sanders’ Twitter.


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