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Denim Durability: Why Jeans Never Go Out of Fashion

Everyone on the planet has a favorite pair of trusty denims that they fall back on, repeatedly. Denims are so exceptionally durable that it’s no wonder they never go out of fashion. Here are all the reasons why jeans are a worldwide renowned product.

Jeans have been a staple in wardrobes around the globe since back in the 70s. Levi Strauss and David Jacobs patented the process back in 1873, starting a new favorite fashion item for men in America. The trend quickly spread to women, making one of the first widely accepted unisex fashion items. Their rugged durability made them a favorite item for the worker, the farmer, and the hunter in the brush. A good pair of jeans will last you a lifetime, and that’s their key selling point.

Jean Styles That Never Go Out of Fashion

You can find a reliable pair of jeans in every man’s closet to this day. Men, women, and even children rely on this authentic, tough material to make long-lasting pants and jackets. Denim never goes out of fashion. Even worldwide questions about the water and bleach costs of creation are falling on deaf ears. Big labels are working towards sustainability. People love denim and jeans so much that they are willing to find eco-friendly workarounds.

Here are the best jean styles for men that haven’t gone out of fashion yet.

The loose-fit jean

This style was one of the originals. A straight cut up and down, this jean has just as much material at the bottom as it does at the top. They have a square look, and you wear them loose. This loose fit means you have plenty of movement and coverage. You wear a loose-fit jean in your size, and it always looks a little bit bigger. Wear them with a tough brown belt and a white long-sleeved top for a great reliable look.

The relaxed-fit jean

If you want a fit that’s less square and more naturally draped on your body, then a relaxed-fit jean will help. They don’t usually need the belt because they are better tailored at the waist. They can run a little short in the leg, so be wary of that no-socks look. A regular fit jean suits everyone from dads to rockstars. Check them out.

The mid-rise jean

A mid-rise jean keeps you away from the slender fit jeans while still adding a different take on style. A mid-rise jean comes up below the hip at the waistband. A low rise hits the bottom of the hip bones, while your regular fit jeans will hit high on the waist. A mid-fit is the best of both worlds. It doesn’t have the dad-vibes of the high rise or the exposer of the low rise.

Buying New Jeans in 2022?

Shopping for new jeans in 2022? We recommend opting for a tailored fit. These tailored athlete jeans have a unique style that adds a stylish slant to your usual yearly denim purchase. The athletic fit means better ankle coverage and more freedom of movement. Modern jeans are made to fit us, rather than retaining that old original toughness that made the 90s so unpleasant.

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