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Celebrity Photographer J. Monroe Celebrates the Black Perspective With Solo Exhibit in Brooklyn

If you've stayed locked into The Quintessential Gentleman you would have seen the name J. Monroe and/or his company Monroe Media. From our latest cover of Charlamagne Tha God to our 2021 Culture Issue cover of Marcus Scribner, J. Monroe has been the man behind the camera capturing all of our editorial moments. Now, the celebrity photographer and artist, is sharing his love and passion for the Black perspective with the premiere of his solo exhibit, which opened in Brooklyn, New York, last weekend.

After moving to New York City three years ago and surviving a pandemic, this exhibit titled Reflecting Beauty was the obvious next move for the artist. Deemed the "One Light King," guests were able to take a look at his unique use of lighting, shapes, colors and depth in person. Many have seen J. Monroe's photographs individually but Reflecting Beauty allowed audiences to see his celebration of the humanization of Black men and women as he sees them, collectively.

Although there are a plethora of Black photographers around the world, unfortunately, they are not given the same opportunities as their white counterparts. “Many times we see white photographers photographing Black people because they are the ones being chosen for the jobs that should equally and almost exclusively belong to us, but there is a fine line between characterization and admiration of us in their work. I just want to capture us as we are - and we are so beautiful,” J. Monroe shares in a press release.

Reflecting Beauty was held at Basquiat's Bottle and brought out the who's who of Black in fashion. Curated cocktails were flowing as the attendees viewed the stunning works on display and vibed out to music provided by DJ Worthy.

Check out images from the event below.

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