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The Cast of 'Johnson' Talk Season Two at the American Black Film Festival

Bounce TV's hit show Johnson returns for Season two on July 10 after the first season premiered to record numbers. The series shows four Black men, Omar, Greg, Keith, and Jarvis, navigating their lives while they confront and find humor in the most current controversial social issues from the Black man's perspective. It discusses topics ranging from love, marriage, business, politics and religion.

Johnson stars Deji LaRay, Derrex Brady, Thomas Jones and Philip A.J. Smithey. The stars were in Miami during this year's American Black Film Festival (ABFF) promoting the upcoming season. "Season two was a wild ride, I can assure you that. There's a lot at stake. The stakes are real hot, and it means more and more drama," LaRay says about season two.

Fatherhood will be on full display in the new season. Viewers will also see new career paths, growing friendships and relationships, and how Black men give back to their community. Art imitates life on Johnson as the four friends are also navigating their careers in Hollywood as Black men.

"I think it's very important to be able to have a show like this, that showcases Black men as friends. Obviously, they're not perfect, but showing how they worked through conflicts, I think it resonates with people," Jones said.

Johnson has been applauded for showing the vulnerability of Black men as well as creating conversations that are not often heard. With season one of the show reaching more than two million viewers, all eyes are watching to see what the Cedric The Entertainer-produced show will do next.

Watch our exclusive interview during ABFF below.


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