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Daymond John Opens Up About His Relationship With His Children on the 'Parents Making profits'

Being a parent is hard but when you add running or starting a business to the mix, you have reached the maximum difficulty level. From making sure your kids do their homework to ensuring that your sales team hits its goal, ParentPreneurs are truly working 24/7. But where can entrepreneurs and parents hear from others who are living the same lives as them?

Parents Making Profits is a new podcast that curates relevant topics, sharing growth tactics, and interviewing well-known thought leaders to enable ParentPreneurs to grow their businesses and support their families. The weekly podcast is hosted by 2x Emmy-Award winner, Mario Armstrong, and tech entrepreneur, James Oliver Jr. and gives ParentPreneurs a fighting chance at success by giving them actionable tips and access to thought leaders.

On the first episode of Parents Making Profits, the hosts have a conversation with Shark Tank host and serial entrepreneur, Daymond John. During the conversation, Daymond opened up about his relationship with his children and his unique role as a "girl dad."

Check out the interview below.

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