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Black Entrepreneur Dads Can Apply for $1,000 Grants in Honor of Father's Day

Photo Credit: Jarvis Sulcer

The ParentPreneur Foundation, an organization that empowers Black entrepreneurs who are also parents, announced that it is accepting applications for Black DadPreneur's to receive $1,000 grants.

The organization will choose 10 Black DadPreneurs to receive the grants.

"I'd like to thank our sponsor, the law firm of Frost Brown Todd LLC for their commitment to supporting Black ParentPreneurs and for making this grant possible," said James Oliver, Jr., founder and CEO of the Parentpreneur Foundation.

"The ParentPreneur Foundations empowers Black ParentPreneurs so that they can leave a legacy for their beautiful Black children. We want you to see yourself as a great parent, a great partner or spouse, and as a great entrepreneur."

The ParentPreneur Foundation launched last year during the pandemic. The organization utilized a $50,000 grant from venture capitalist Brad Feld, who's been financing tech starts since the early 1990s.

Since its launch, The ParentPreneur Foundation has given over $30,000 in grants.

To apply for one of the ten $1,000 Black Dadpreneur's Day grants, click here.


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