5 Reasons Black Men NEED to Vote in 2022

The 2020 election was a close one. With a record-breaking number of ballots cast and several key states coming down to the thousands, it’s safe to say that every vote mattered. People of all different races, religions, and backgrounds went out of their way to make sure that their voices were heard. That is, except for Black men.

According to NBC’s exit polls, Black men only accounted for 4% of the total national vote. Black women, on the other hand, accounted for 8%. Despite being close in population, we only contributed half as many votes as our female counterparts. The reason for our low turnout is still unclear, but one thing is for certain. This is a problem.

Black men don’t seem to value the right to vote as much as other groups, which is a very dangerous attitude to have. Especially considering that midterm elections are this year, and there’s a lot on the line concerning this country’s future. We need to step up and help our women represent the Black community at the polls, and here are five reasons why.

1. To Help Mold Local Policy

Historically, Black people have been victims of American law instead of beneficiaries. But thanks to those who fought for voting rights in the Civil Rights era, we now have the ability to influence local law and stand in the way of policies that might harm our communities. These proposed bills can range from minor issues like funding for a public park to more serious ones like the legalization of marijuana.

Regardless of the importance of the issue, it would be irresponsible of Black men not to get involved in deciding what goes down in our cities and neighborhoods. The law of the place you live in will be decided with or without your vote, and once the polls are closed