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Revolt TV’s Keon Davis Shares Five Tips to Set Effective Business Goals in 2022

Every year you hear and see new and seasoned entrepreneurs set goals with new heights that they want their business to reach. Some of these goals are often so big that they can be overwhelming and can soon be a thing of the past.

Keon Davis is the owner of Smooth N Groove smoothie company, a health advocate, and star of Revolt TV’s new digital series, Bet On Black, which focuses on highlighting Black entrepreneurs and the journey of establishing successful businesses. Keon shares some simple tips to help entrepreneurs accomplish their goals.

1. Balance your Budget

Setting a goal requires you to financially understand what you can afford to manage for your business. Before setting goals it’s important to look at and consider balancing your budget of past and predicted costs, expenses as it reflects planning, management and execution of future business goals.

2. Review your past performances

In order to set effective goals for the future, you must review and understand your past performance. I call this reverse engineering your goals because in order to build something you need to know your foundation, what works and what didn’t. By doing this, you’ll understand where you are and what you need to do to get from point A to point B. This is highly important as you understand how you did financially, how your company is perceived and what items can be used to scale back to elevate your company. This can be done via focus groups, surveys and social listening with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Develop your goal to the lowest common denominator

In order to excel, you want to break each goal down as small as possible to create an action plan or step that can be approached periodically to ensure success over time instead and not become overwhelmed.

4. Determine realistic goals that are descriptive

The more specific the goal is the more you and your team understand what’s needed to excel and where you want to go as an entrepreneur for your company. Instead of having one overall idea, make it descriptive, for example, obtain three new clients in three months, or sell at least 100 products in six months.

5. Set measurable Deadlines & Celebrate your wins

When setting business goals, how are they tracked and measured? As entrepreneurs, we think of ideas daily that we feel can help market our business and stand out against the competition. How are these ideas tracked and measured to ensure they are completed to help elevate our business? This should be evaluated either monthly or quarterly. While doing this, celebrate your wins and accomplishments whether big or small. At times, we focus our goals like a checklist not taking the time to celebrate them because we’re on to the next but each thing should be celebrated so that it motivates you to keep going.

To stay connected with Keon, visit him online.


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