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Five Reasons You Should Watch 'Our Kind of People' on Fox

Heavy hitters Lee Daniels and Karin Gist premiered their latest show on Fox this past Tuesday. Our Kind of People kept everyone on their toes and the first episode gave a glimpse of what to expect. A star-studded cast, which consists of Yaya DaCosta, Debbi Morgan, Nadine Ellis, Joe Morton, Morris Chestnut, Lance Gross, and others. As Angela (played by Yaya) tries to find her way in Oak’s Bluff with her entrepreneurial ideas, Leah Dupont (played by Nadine Ellis) tries to step out of her family’s shadow. After watching the first episode, here are five reasons why you would enjoy Our Kind of People.

Reason #1

Black Wealth: For years we’ve had to fight for our own wealth. The show delivers on that simply because it displays the power of being persistent and always staying 2 steps ahead of your opponent even if it stretching the truth. Angela is fighting to obtain wealth, while Leah Franklin-Dupont represents what wealth looks like.

Reason #2

Joe Morton: Joe Morton is a legendary actor who plays the role of Leah Franklin-Dupont’s father. The patriarch of the family showed why he is the head of the table. He delivers vigorously why he has no plans on turning things over to his daughter anytime soon. The father-daughter duo clash several times as Morton sticks out his chest and explains how their family became so powerful on The Vineyard.

Reason #3

LGBTQ: As representation continues to be at the forefront of the world we live in today, for many reasons there still seems to be a stigma of what a “normal” couple should look like. The DuPont’s have no idea that their daughter Lauren appears to be attracted to women. That storyline is very much true in today’s society where fear of being judged outweighs the fear of actually being happy. Let’s see if she decides to be her true authentic self as the show moves forward.

Reason #4

Power of Black Women: We can’t get enough of seeing Black women using the power that they have. In this show, it looks like we will see these strong Black women work hard for what own or are aspiring to obtain. From the first episode, it appears Angela and Leah are okay with throwing everything but fists at one another. Even with Angela putting her cosmetology skills to use to save the mother-daughter fashion show, Leah finds a way to dim Angela’s light. The two are set to duel it out throughout the entire series.

Reason #5

Black Culture and Black Excellence: As we continue to progress as a culture, so is the need for there to be more shows displaying a majority Black cast. Not only does Our Kind of People have an onslaught of Black talent it also displays the combination of youth and longevity that really can take the show to new heights. No matter how young or old you are, the message is clear to never give up on your dreams. Ever!

Make sure to tune in to Our Kind of People tonight at 9 pm ET on Fox.

Photo Credit: Fox

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