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Tim Timberlake Teaches Us the Power of the 1440 Minutes We Have in a Day

Pastor Tim Timberlake has been responsible for inspiring and educating people across the world through his ministry with the Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. With his new book The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day. Tim shares the importance of the 1,440 minutes we are all given every day. The book serves as a day-by-day manual to help its readers understand forgiveness, mistakes, living a purposeful life and more. "This book is a book of discovery of how we can steward our time better so we can live the lives I believe God wants us to live," explains Tim.

You've used the time you were given to Become the man you were destined to be. I'm assuming you've used the power of 1440. For people who are unfamiliar, can you please tell us the significance?

When we typically think of a day, we think in terms of 24 hours and it seems like a long period of time. When you really think about a day and hone in on its true essence, it's 1440 minutes. When you think about it, how many of those minutes are wasted? How many of those minutes go to something that's mindless, that's aimless, that's useless?

We touched on the topic of him being a father raising 2 sons age 21 and age 4 and how important it was to instill values. He had this to say:

I feel that it's important to break down why we are in the season that we are in, what will we learn and what will we do when we come out of it are great teaching moments. We don't lose when we learn. Every season of life is the opportunity to learn something. My prayer is that something I've done sticks to them just as the things my father has done for me, in front of me have stuck with me.

"You can't manage what you cannot control, but you can steward it". Says Tim. Grab your copy of The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day.

The conversation was one of inspiration, feel free to check out the full conversation below.


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