Macy's Features Black Fashion Innovators Through its Icons of Style Collections

The year 2020 (continuing into 2021) has reinvigorated something of a social reconning regarding race in America. This reconning has been felt across all sectors, and the fashion industry was particularly called out for its systemic lack of diversity with regard to both the business and creative sides of the space. In response, stores, brands, agencies and publications began to consider action ways they could better include non-white members of the fashion community, while also catering to a wider range of consumers. One such entity was retail behemoth Macy’s. The storied retail chain, known for its wide variety of products and goods, realized it could do more to not only sell more stuff but to sell stuff designed by creators that reflect the diverse range of Macy’s customers.

Pieces From Allen Onyia's Collection

Photo: Macy's

It goes without saying that Black people are the ultimate cultural influencers. In addition, Black shoppers make up one of the most important segments of consumers in this country. Despite these important factors, Black people are often not able to actually purchase items created by people that look like them and/or reflect their experiences. To help bridge this gap, Macy’s decided to partner with Black designers to create capsule collections for its INC International Concepts line. Macy’s Icons of Style features the work of five fashion innovators including two Black creatives, Allen Onyia and Ouigi Theodore.