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LeBron James is the Highest-Paid NBA Player in 2021

For the seventh year in a row, LeBron James earns the title of highest-paid player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), on and off the court, with expected earnings of $95.4 million in 2021.

Approximately $65 million are from endorsement deals alone, which includes memorabilia and media deals.

If these earnings are achieved, James will have the highest earnings in a single year for an NBA player in history and the highest of all-time in American team sports.

James’ current salary with the NBA is $34.4 million. Off the court, he holds deals with Pepsi, Nike and Beats Electronics.

He’s also a part of Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox’s, the Premier League’s Liverpool and Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR team.

James is projected to earn $1 billion in overall career earnings, with an estimated $700 million to come from all of his deals and businesses outside of basketball.

The only other athletes to earn $1 billion, while still active in sports, including Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


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