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  • Jasmond Hatch

These Men Celebrated the Courage, Beauty​ and Power of Women Through These 6 Songs

Nothing is more important to men than the special women in their lives. Whether it’s their mom, sister, wife, girlfriend or friends, men adore the women in their life and the power they hold. That’s why these six men who created these songs let the world know how they feel about them. From letting everyone know she's an independent woman to making sure you treat her like a lady, these men illustrate how dynamic and beautiful women are. As Women's History Month continues, we wanted to celebrate with six songs that empower women for who they truly are.

Miss Independent: Ne-Yo

This is one song that lets women know from a man’s perspective that women can hold their own. Whether it’s her personal life or work life, Ne-Yo said “ooh, there's something about, kind of woman that can do for herself, I look at her and it makes me proud, there's something about her.”

Just The way you are: Bruno Mars

Many men want to change women and make them the girl of their dreams. They want to mold her into what he wants her to look like. In this song, Bruno Mars is accepting of his woman exactly the way she is. The words that he speaks about her are empowering. Girl, you're amazing just the way you are!

Woman: Raheem Devaughn

It feels good to celebrate all women with this melodic anthem. Raheem DeVaughn sang this song to celebrate the epitome of a woman. Whether it's your mom, grandmom or wife, just know that she's a strong woman. She's a beautiful woman who deserves to wear her crown.

Treat Her Like a Lady: The Temptations

Respect for an individual is key in life. In this oldie but goodie, The Temptations tell us how you should treat a woman. Ladies, allow a man to treat you how The Temptations treated this song, like a lady! Let him open your door, pull out your chair and so much more. You deserve it because of who you are, and the power you stand for.

song for mama: boyZ ii men