NBA Stars Join Goalsetter to Teach Black and Brown Kids How to Become Savers and Investors

Goalsetter, a Black-owned kids and family finance app, announced an initiative to “draft” one million Black and Brown kids to become the next generation of savers and investors, kicking off during Black History Month.

The initial round of the “Drafted” campaign started on Feb. 1 with NBA star and NBPA president Chris Paul “drafting” 100 kids who participate in his Club 61 Leadership Alliance, from his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and then passing the ball to notable NBA players and leaders Jaylen Brown, Harrison Barnes, Anthony Tolliver, and retired NBA star Baron Davis.

“Black History Month is a reminder of the hundreds of years that Black people have been a labor force and a consumer class in America," Paul said. "This partnership is about learning from our history to create a strong future that prepares the next generation of Black and Brown kids to be savers and investors. Financial education is a necessary and critical component of creating an equal America."

Each player will draft a minimum of 100 kids who will receive $40 each for their respective savings accounts. Each time a player drafts a group of students, they will ask “Who’s Got Next?” and challenge other fellow professional athletes from the major sports leagues to participate, including NFL, NHL, WNBA, and MLB players.

Each selected student will receive:

  • A savings account through the Goalsetter app

  • A deposit of $40 in their individual FDIC insured Goalsetter accounts

  • Weekly fun financial literacy quizzes designed for kids that are culturally relevant

  • A Cashola Card (the Goalsetter tween and teen debit card backed by Mastercard) that has game-based financial literacy quizzes attached to it.

As a family saving, financial literacy and smart spending app, Goalsetter makes it easy for the whole family to go cashless and learn how to be money smart.