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How to Raise Healthy, Confident Children

There is nothing you will want more for your children than good health, the gift of self-confidence, and a happy life. Yet, the decisions you make, and values you promote during their childhood can determine their outlook, self-esteem, and choices when entering adulthood.

While there is no such thing as the perfect parent, you can introduce tactics that will increase your child’s likelihood of enjoying a good quality of life. Keep reading for ideas on how to raise healthy, confident children.

Focus on Exceptional Oral Health

Exceptional oral health will benefit your child’s life in different ways. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups will help your son or daughter develop healthy teeth and gums, as well as a straight, white smile.

The average child should attend a dental clinic every six months, but a dentist may suggest booking an appointment more frequently based on their oral health needs. Help your kids care for their teeth and gums by finding a family dentist that will put them at ease in the dental chair. Visit to schedule an appointment for your loved ones. Caring for your son or daughter’s oral health may protect them from diseases throughout their life, and they can enjoy a beautiful smile that will boost their self-esteem.

Teach the Foundation of Good Relationships

Good relationships can help your kids live happier, healthier lives. Forming strong ties with loved ones will make them feel supported, which will increase their chances of pursuing their passions, taking on difficult challenges, or stepping outside their comfort zone.

Plus, healthy relationships can combat loneliness, which contributes to mental and physical health. Therefore, teaching your children the foundation of good relationships could protect them from depression, anxiety, or feelings of isolation.

Teach your kids about healthy relationships by:

  • Encouraging them to perform acts of kindness for loved ones

  • Asking them to look at an issue from another person’s point of view

  • Instructing them to share with others

  • Setting time aside for helping others, such as completing household chores for a grandparent

If your children understand that healthy relationships require compromise, compassion, and patience, they could maintain positive relationships during adulthood. Also, the above tactics will provide the tools they need to socialize with others.

Praise Effort

Raise mentally strong, confident children by praising effort and not achievements. You’re bound to beam with pride when your son or daughter scores a goal, hits a high note in a song or receives an A on a paper, but you must celebrate their hard work and not the result.

Remember, there will be times in your child’s life when they will miss a goal, fall out of tune, or feel disappointed with a test result. Praising effort over achievements will encourage your son or daughter to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and try harder the next time. This attitude will increase confidence and focus when bouncing back from failure or facing a similar challenge. Plus, it will prevent your child from feeling like a loser, which will support their mental health, improve their resilience, and increase their hard work ethic.


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