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Memphis Rapper SB SurfsUp Inspires Mental Health Wellness through music

SB Surfsup is a Memphis born rapper who has worked diligently over the past 10 years to establish himself as a successful artist. Using the settings of his upbringings such as house parties, family reunions, and being raised in juke joints along with being influenced by artists such as Bobby Brown, Tina Turner, The Temptations, Little Richard, The Backstreet Boys, and more, SB has cultivated a sound that would eventually create the wave of rapping with harmony he would become known for.

As a young child, he received the nickname "Lil Skool" from his grandfather who noticed his ability to teach and influence the kids in his neighborhood. As he grew up and developed, he dropped "Lil" and added "boy" becoming Skoolboy, which would be the name at the beginning of his official musical career. He had been making a name for himself throughout the city by promoting music, networking and eventually making music of his own. With his breakout record Be her Man and a feature from Young Joc on his single Go Girl, his name began to spread throughout the South and landed him a deal with Asylum Records. Now with more life experience, he calls himself SB Surfsup, a man who has surfed beyond life's obstacles to inspire and achieve. He is currently signed to Drought King Music and just inked a distribution deal with Sony The Orchard.

Due to unexpected circumstances, he took a break from the music industry. That time allowed him to step back from the business and recording, and experience life in a way that would eventually prepare him for his next go-round in the industry. During this time, SB had the opportunity to work with kids between the ages of 5-18 years old in the mental health field. Over time, he would realize that this experience was meant for him and would increase the value of his music. The goal would ultimately be to further the conversations in our community around mental health and wellness. When we spoke about the importance of mental health and wellness in our community, he says "It's big. I've been in this field for 4 years and learned that 80% of kids that he worked with from the age of 5-18 are Black. Kids experience depression, anxiety, and bipolar just like adults. Kids are truly suffering and we don't acknowledge their trauma. I also didn't realize that I actually suffered from depression until I started working in the field. I would speak with the counselors about the kids and realize that I dealt with or experiences the same things. Honestly, everybody goes through something in their lifetime, it's hard to dodge it but we have to manage it."

Currently, he is racking up the streams with his new single Mode (Money On Demand Everyday), which has become his welcome back song after his 4-year absence. He feels this is a song that everyone can relate to because during the pandemic, many people's plans and hustles were altered. He feels that with renewed inspiration, people can and will have the ability to come back stronger than they ever were while creating more than they ever have. SB Is now back in the music industry-focused and on a mission to share his experience and inspire more people with his music. '

As he continues to grow, he looks forward to growing into an influencer, a man who can inspire while continuing to stand on the principles that were instilled in him throughout his life. He aims to uplift as many Black kids as he can, including his 4 and 14-year-old sons. He aims to inspire and be an example for his community while pouring back into it. He is also working on his Dreamers and Believers brand which will start off as a fashionable yet inspirational clothing line and will eventually grow into a nonprofit and record label.

Check out the video for Mode below and follow him on Instagram.


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