The Pick of the Litter: 8 Male R&B Artists Who are Taking Over the Industry

To make it big in the music industry, it takes talent, discipline, drive and tough skin. The music industry can be one that will literally make or break an artist if they don’t make the right moves. These few male R&B artists on this list are either on the rise or have been for a long time now. These men have taken over R&B and they will continue to do so as long as they keep bringing us the fire sounds that soothe and pleasure our ears. From up and coming singers and songwriters, to an artist that needs no introduction on how lit he is. Here’s my pick on male R&B artists who are taking over the industry.


Talk about a young star on the extreme rise! Khalid has shown us that you can be different, sing how you want and make hits by just being you. The singer came on the rise in March 2017 with his debut album American Teen. This album produced one of Khalid’s US top 20 hits Location. This young man has also topped the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200 charts, and has been nominated & won several awards. The takeover is real when it comes to Khalid.


Giveon is a contemporary R&B singer who rose to prominence with his feature on Drake's