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JKing Satisfies Your R&B Trap Holiday Vibe with New Single "Is You"

Just in time for Christmas, new artist JKing surprises audiences with his debut single Is You.

What’s interesting is JKing, who has been behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for years and has most likely developed the careers of some of your favorite artists, is a brand marketer by day — and, finally, he’s an artist by night. Finally, you ask? Well, much like the Dark Knight, King is playing dual roles and managing them well.

Written by close friend Quam and produced by DJ G-Wiz, Is You is just one of those holiday songs that will become a seasonal bop. You may be wondering what the footprint means on the artwork. King owns a doormat brand called Foot Knowledge that fuses Black culture and positive affirmations. A man of many talents, look out for King as he prepares to take over 2021. You never know what greatness to expect next.


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