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Colin Kaepernick Teams Up with Ben & Jerry’s For His "Know Your Rights" Initiative

Former quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is serving up ice cream with a side of activism, with his latest efforts to dismantle injustice and systemic oppression. Although he has not played in the NFL since he began his popular protest of kneeling during the National Anthem, Kaepernick has not slowed down. From his publishing deal to working with game-changing director Ava Duverney and Netflix, the former San Francisco 49ers head honcho, who led his team to the Superbowl in 2013, has found other ways to spread his message and keep his protest alive and well.

Although it may seem unconventional, Ben & Jerry’s Change The Whirled flavored ice cream inspired by Kaepernick and his fight will give a portion of proceeds to his Know Your Rights Organization, which teaches Black and Brown children about how to deal with police interactions. It also aims to "advance the liberation and well being" of their communities through "education, self-empowerment, and mass-mobilization," according to the organization's website.

Ben & Jerry’s has shown their progressiveness towards equality throughout the years, and in a statement about the partnership, Kaepernick praises the company, “Their commitment to challenging the anti-Black roots of policing in the United States demonstrates a material concern for the well-being of Black and Brown communities," Kaepernick continues. "My hope is that this partnership will amplify calls to defund and abolish the police and to invest in futures that can make us safer, healthier, and truly free." It seems as though the company has had their eyes on Kaepernick for a while now, stating, "Ben & Jerry's believes Kaepernick represents the very best of us, willing to use his power and platform in the pursuit of equity and justice rooted in a commitment to love and resistance.”

A double scoop, please! Are you excited to try Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor?


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