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This OBGYN Created a Line of Condoms and Lubricants to Make Sex Pleasurable, Long-Lasting and Safe

If you are interested in pleasing your partner, this is certainly the interview for you. Drai Burch has dedicated his life to understanding and assisting women achieve their best sexual life possible by being a practicing OBGYN. To add to his practice, Dr. Drai has created a new line of condoms and lubricants called Momentum Intimacy to fulfill the need of his patients, his colleagues, his many fans and you.

What were some of the common issues you discovered with other brands that

led you to create your own?

Brands on the market were promoting oil-based lubricants, lubes with flavors, and lubes that have fragrance. Here’s the problem: Oil can break condoms; SEX must be pleasurable but also SAFE. Wear condoms; Doctor’s orders. Flavors and Fragrances can cause irritation and sometimes even infections to your manhood. There are cancer-causing materials that can be in flavors or fragrances. Take care of your private parts; they are very delicate. Some of the lubes even contain parabens which are preservatives that can enter the skin. They have been associated with causing cancer over time. Because I am a physician, SAFETY is first. For me I wanted to create a line of sexual wellness products that promoted making sex pleasurable, long-lasting, AND safe… let’s get back to making love and having intimacy. Both Momentum lubricants are FDA-approved, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Latex Friendly. Our formulas last longer inside and outside of the bedroom. Momentum lubricants can be used for foreplay, intercourse, and massage. Our Momentum silicone-based lubricant is paraben-free, clear, odorless, and non-sticky. Our Momentum water-based lubricant is also paraben-free, gentle, odorless, non-staining, latex friendly, colorless, and toy-friendly. Both lubricants are hypoallergenic and free from parabens, preservatives, dyes and perfumes. Our Momentum condoms are designed to fit firmly so nothing slips, while still letting you both feel every thrust.

Do you think Quarantine and Social Distancing has been a good or bad thing for couples?

It’s a great thing. This gives couples an opportunity to focus on intimacy instead of just sex. Give your partner a massage with our Momentum silicone-based lubricant. Self-play together can be fun too. For the singles out there by themselves, explore your body. If you can’t please yourself, how are you going to be able to teach others to please you. Purchase a 100% silicone toy and use our Momentum water-based lubricant to enhance the moment or use our silicone-based lubricant for a hand-job.

What sort of pleasure should people expect when using All Momentum Intimacy products?

One word… Orgasmic! Our formulas were created to be long-lasting… staying slippery, luxurious feeling on your man parts, and having a silky-smooth glide to keep your momentum going as long as you can last.

When it comes to intimacy with a partner, what is the common complaint?

I hear it from women all the time. Dr. Drai “He doesn’t believe in foreplay.” The more foreplay you have the easier it is for your lady friend to climax. Send her flowers, love notes via text, a card at her job, cook her dinner, run her shower for her, massage her feet with Momentum silicone-based lubricant. You have to get inside of her mind BEFORE you can get inside of her inner body parts.

How can people be more in tune with their partners and desires? Communication…. Ask! Having open communication is key to having a successful partnership. Both of you should write down 3 desires that each has. Your job is then to then enhance those desires and make sure those desires are met every single time.

What sort of research did you have to do when developing the line?

I was a chemist before I was a physician… so formulation is easy for me. I studied every ingredient in every personal lubricant on the market. I wanted to make sure I had superior-quality ingredients and materials.

How important is it to have a reputable brand?

Reputation is everything, especially for a Black physician-created brand. I am the first physician to launch a personal lubricant and condom line in the United States. I always knew that I wanted to serve humanity in a bigger way. Gentlemen, make sure you are building your brand daily. You're messaging on and offline, visuals online and in person, and the experience customers have when they are interacting with your brand matters.

Where can people purchase All Momentum Intimacy products?

Are you wanting more intimacy from your partner? Do you want to have more excitement in your love life? Do you want to know the key to having great sex every single time? If you answered YES to any of these questions, visit us at At Momentum, we give you the tools you need to make your intimate time with your partner or with yourself as enjoyable, long-lasting,

and orgasmically explosive as possible while helping you to stay safe and healthy. Our mission is to help all men and women enjoy great sex and add more excitement to their relationships with our personal lubrication and intimate protection products- condoms. All of our lines are created by a practicing, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Drai to promote safety, health and pleasure. This is the FIRST personal lubrication and condom line created by a physician here in the United States. All products are FDA approved. Follow us on IG @MagnifyMomentum.


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