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Rich Bizarre Unveiled New Exhibit "The World Trap 2020"

The city of Atlanta recently celebrated the conclusion of World Trap Day with visual artist Rich Bizarre unveiling his latest work; a prison reform art piece that explains the frustrations that he and the world have experienced since the latest killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and George Floyd.

Originally unveiled on Juneteenth, The World Trap went on tour around ATL on fathers day when it was driven around on a truck with the team wearing shirts celebrating and displaying the names of all of the fathers we lost to the brutality. Eventually, a partnership was formed with The James Room, located on Atlanta's beltline where the soft reveal event was held. Determined to make the most of his time, Rich used quarantining and social distancing to become more creative and motivated to allow his work to shine and give people something to enjoy. The World Trap is due to be displayed on the beltline Axis Replay.

Realizing that since 2020 began, life, as we knew it slowly started to change, Rich knew it was time to create a piece that would speak to our current state in the world and our culture. With the rise of the global pandemic, senseless killings, racial tensions, and protests, he used those internalized feelings and anger displayed in the world to create what would become known as The World Trap 2020. Imagine being held prisoner to the life you once knew and everything you were once able to do is stripped away from you much like the many people who are currently incarcerated in real life. When you view the piece the main focal point is the globe behind the bars, covered with a facemask and COVID-19 markings, with protest signs speaking to what we all are currently experiencing. Another thing you'll notice is the TV says with "Breaking News Report: the world as you know it is about to change". The one not as obvious part of the design that meant a lot to Rich is a family inside of a heart holding hands. Rich has no plans on stopping and is currently working on his next work of art and creating more exhibits for the Trap Music Museum.

Follow Rich Bizarre on Instagram for any updated location details and If you're in Atlanta stop by The Trap Music Museum.


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