Filmmaker Reggie Lochard Tackles Society’s Definition of a Man in New Project “A” For Alpha

[Left to Right] Reggie Lochard, David J. Cork, Ricardo Manigat, Anthony T. Goss | Photo Credit: Patrick Cobourne, Sr

Reggie Lochard, the filmmaker behind the film When The Well Runs Dry, returns with his latest effort, A for Alpha. The trailer dropped last week and already has people buzzing, as it enters its festival run. The story follows a young Black man, Harrison, as he battles with what it means to be a man and the pressures put on him to live up to what society deems is “normal”. With a successful woman on his hand, Harrison’s journey in the film is sure to bring light to the conversation of gender norms and gender roles in relationships and friendships. We recently caught up with the actor, writer and producer, to discuss what audiences can expect from this project.

This is your follow up to When The Well Runs Dry. You seem to truly want to capture the human experience in a relatable way. Why?

I am a big proponent of telling relatable stories, it could be drama, action, or a comic book film, but it has to pull at the heartstring of the audience. People have to understand what the characters are going through and their experience. When I write, it is always character driven and about their Why. It could be a story about robbing banks, but what changes the dynamic of the script is knowing why the characters are robbing a bank.

Why was this your next project?

To be honest with you, I hav