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Effects of Low Testosterone in Males

Testosterone, a hormone produced in the human body, is found with higher levels in men. There are two main hormones that differentiate men and women, testosterone and estrogen, respectively. Both males and females have some levels of both these hormones, yet, men have much higher levels. Below you will find the effect of low testosterone in men.

1. Low Sex Drive

One of the first problems a man with low levels of testosterone will face is a lower sexual drive. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for stimulating sperm generation. It is produced in the testicular area and is a huge factor in low sexual desire or activities. In the article 15 Ways to Boost Sexual Stamina For Men, it explains that there are many things that you can do if you are faced with this kind of predicament. Higher sexual activities can overall fluctuate with time, if it is recurring, then take the hormones that will help create that needed boost. If you're planning on having children, you might undergo fertility treatments and will need to keep an eye out for sperm count.

2. Increased Body Fat

Lots of times, if not always, we are diagnosed with things that could have been resolved had we decided to act upon them in advance. An increase in body fat, however, is not the obvious hint that your testosterone levels are low if the only indication is weight gained. It does not present itself, in the same way, each time. The effects of low testosterone present themselves differently with each man.

3. Less Body Hair

Testosterone is one of the main ingredients that make men look the way they look. With a beard and hair, many men are considered “hairy”. Low levels of testosterone contribute to hair loss and thinning hair, as there is not enough testosterone to aid the growth of body hair, as it is one of the main reasons for facial hair (for instance), in the first place.

4. Swelling/Tenderness in the Breast Tissue

Although movies have time and time again exaggerated the idea of an increase of estrogen with men that they will automatically turn into women, or cringe females at best. The scientific term for breast swelling is called gynecomastia. The combination of low testosterone and high levels of estrogen will bring some of those feminine features in, yet it will not turn the man into a female. Again, this can be misconstrued as general fat, so the important step to take is to visit a doctor and make sure everything is alright.

Generally, there are certain ways in which you can reverse this issue or at least ways to increase the testosterone levels by at least a bit. There is nothing you need to stress over if you have low levels of testosterone, there are numerous ways in which this can be reversed. The important thing to do is that if you are facing any of these symptoms that you automatically visit a doctor to be a thousand percent sure that you are taking the right meds. After all, the most important thing right now is your health so look after yourself at all times!

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