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Don Benjamin is Putting All His Mistakes on the Table in His New Book "My Truth'

Don Benjamin is a Los Angeles-based model, actor and musician who gained notoriety as a finalist during the 2013 season of America’s Next Top Model. He has since been featured in ads for Guess, Tilly’s and other brands. Don has also appeared in several films and television shows, and he has worked with music artists like Kirko Bangz and Snoop Dogg. He recently released a book called My Truth, where he talks about his life, personal and professional experiences, and his journey to becoming a better man. QG’s fashion editor, Aaron Campbell, sat down to talk to him about his life in entertainment, his book and how he hopes it will impact readers.

During the conversation, Don gave us his view on discrimination in fashion and the need for more diversity and inclusion in the modeling industry.

“I mean I definitely feel like there are a lot more opportunities for white models and white actors and actresses. There is always a limited number [of opportunities] for black actors and models [though]. I think they’ve been trying to do better and there have been more opportunities slowly but surely and we have to keep fighting for those…Like, how many top paid white models and actors are there in the world compared to black actors and models you know? So, we have to keep fighting…”

Don spoke about what inspired his new book, “My Truth.”

“...I am kind of just putting it all out there on the table [regarding] mistakes I’ve made in my life, and things that I’ve watched my parents do wrong…and following generational curses, and waking up realizing you have to break it. It usually takes {people] going through a pretty detrimental time in our lives to realize that we don’t just wake up and life is good…It’s usually [more] like you hit rock bottom in certain situation and you have to reevaluate your life and what you have been doing that haven’t been the best things [for you].”

He also told us what he hoped readers would take away from the book and how men and women might react differently.

“I have a journaling segment after each chapter so [readers] can go through and look at [themselves] compared to the chapter to see what [they] can take away from it. But as far as men and women, I wanted it to be an eye-opener for the men and provide understanding for the women...I don’t want to [project my struggles] on every man because [everyone] has their own struggles and issues, but for the most part one of the main things [men seem to] have to overcome is temptation, and what I’m learning is [that] a lot of women have to deal with that [too]…But I think men just being able to step back and really look at [themselves] and be vulnerable is key; and for women to be able to sit back and assess a man differently so they can approach their relationships a little differently [is key]…”

Check out the full interview below and make sure to get your copy of My Truth here.

Photo Credit: Brianna Alysse


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