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  • Gifts for Milestone Anniversaries: Celebrating Love Through the Years

    Love is a journey, a timeless commitment between two people that grows stronger as the years roll by. One of the best ways to celebrate and cherish this ongoing journey is by marking each milestone anniversary with a special gift. These gifts are more than just material possessions; they’re tokens of love, appreciation, and the memories you've built together. Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts Traditionally, each anniversary is represented by a specific material or theme, ranging from paper for the first year to diamond for the sixtieth. The idea is that as the years progress, so does the strength and value of the gift material, symbolizing the increasing strength and value of the relationship. Modern interpretations, however, have added a fresh twist to these time-honored traditions, offering more contemporary options for those who wish to deviate from the conventional. First Decade Milestones 1st Anniversary – Paper: Signifying the blank page of your life together, paper gifts can be as simple as a love letter or as intricate as a personalized book. 5th Anniversary – Wood: Representing strength and long-lasting bonds, a wooden jewelry box or a hand-carved piece of home decor would be ideal. 10th Anniversary – Tin/Aluminium: Celebrating a decade of love, tin or aluminum gifts like decorative items or jewelry showcase durability and flexibility in a relationship. Key Anniversaries in the Second Decade 15th Anniversary – Crystal: Reflecting clarity and transparency in a relationship, crystal gifts such as wine glasses or ornaments can be a perfect choice. 20th Anniversary – China: Symbolizing the delicate yet enduring nature of love, a china dinner set or an ornamental piece can be an exquisite gift. Gifts for the Silver and Gold Milestones 25th Anniversary – Silver: Commemorating a quarter-century together, silver gifts can range from jewelry to decorative items. Silver cufflinks or a pendant can be cherished forever. 50th Anniversary – Gold: Celebrating five decades of unwavering love, nothing speaks more profoundly than gold. A golden necklace, bracelet, or even a simple gold ring can be a testament to your enduring love. Modern Gift Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries While tradition holds its charm, many couples nowadays opt for more contemporary gifts that resonate more with their personal stories. Here are some modern ideas for milestone anniversaries: Personalized Gifts: Items like personalized keyrings with engraved dates, names, or messages make for a touching keepsake. Other options could include custom-made jewelry, personalized calendars with pictures from each year spent together, or even a tailored playlist of songs from each year of marriage. Experience Gifts: Rather than tangible items, gifting experiences can be more memorable. A romantic getaway, a hot air balloon ride, concert tickets, or even a couple's spa day can leave lasting impressions. Tech Gifts: For the tech-savvy couple, gadgets like smartwatches, tablets, or even personalized tech accessories can be the go-to choice. The Diamond Milestone 60th Anniversary – Diamond: While diamond gifts are commonly associated with engagement rings, they're equally significant for a sixtieth anniversary. Representing unbreakable bonds, a diamond brooch, earrings, or even a simple pendant can encapsulate the magnificence of a lifetime spent together. Milestone anniversaries are not just about the number of years a couple has been together, but the myriad of moments, big and small, that they’ve shared. Whether you opt for traditional or modern gifts, the essence remains the same – to celebrate love, endurance, and the beautiful journey of togetherness. Remember, it's not the price or size of the gift that matters, but the thoughts, emotions, and memories that it carries. Photo Credit:

  • Essential Tips In Action Video Recordings

    Action video recordings capture fast-paced events and usually involve a lot of movement. Think car chases in movies or athletes running down the field. These videos can be really exciting but also really hard to shoot. The camera is moving all over the place and so are the people or things you're filming. But the editor can use YouTube video editor to make things less shaky in the video. Because everything is so busy and quick the video can end up shaky or blurry. That's why it's so important to use special tools to keep the video smooth. These tools help make sure the action looks awesome and not like a shaky mess. So when you watch an action video that's super clear and smooth you know a lot of work went into making it just right. What’s Recorded in Action Videos? Sports Footage One of the most common types of action video recordings is sports footage. Whether it's a high school football game or a professional-level soccer match these videos are full of rapid movement and excitement. The objective is to capture the agility and skill of athletes in the heat of competition. The videos may focus on key moments like goals tackles and other highlight-reel plays. Stunt Performances Action videos often include stunt performances. Whether it's for movies or a live event these videos capture feats that defy gravity and often involve a level of danger. From motorcycle jumps to high-wire acts the purpose is to capture moments that leave the audience in awe. Outdoor Adventures Videos of activities like mountain biking, kayaking or skydiving fall under the umbrella of action video recordings. These videos not only show the activity itself but also the beautiful scenery around it. It brings viewers up close to both the excitement of the activity and the natural world. Car Racing Auto or bike racing events are another perfect example. The speed and competitive nature of the sport make for compelling action videos. The aim is to give viewers a feel for the intense speed and skill involved in these races. Extreme Sports Skateboarding, snowboarding and other extreme sports are often recorded as action videos. These are sports that often involve high levels of skill and daring. They are performed in environments like skate parks or snowy mountains and aim to capture incredible tricks and high-energy performances. ow Video Stabilization Tools Ease Action Video Recordings Make Your Videos Look Pro: Action videos have a lot going on. Cars speeding stunts happening and sometimes it's all at the same time! Stabilization tools make sure the video looks smooth and polished. This way your audience can focus on the action and not on shaky footage. More Freedom While Shooting: With video stabilization tools you don't have to worry about holding your camera super steady. This means you can focus on getting the best shot or angle. If you're running or jumping or making quick moves your video will still look great. Better Storytelling: In action videos every detail counts. You don't want your audience to miss anything because the camera was shaking. Stabilization helps you tell a clear and exciting story. It makes sure that each kick punch or leap is captured just right for maximum impact. Safe Filming: Safety is key especially when filming intense action scenes. Using stabilization tools lets you concentrate more on what's happening around you. No need to worry about tripping while trying to keep the camera steady. You can film safely and still get amazing results. Easier Editing: Think about it. If your video is smooth from the start editing becomes a walk in the park. No need to spend hours fixing shaky scenes. This makes it easier to add special effects music or whatever you need to make your action video a hit. Opens Doors For Newbies: You don't have to be a pro to make great action videos. Stabilization tools level the playing field. So even if you're just starting out you can still create something that looks like it was done by an expert. Improves Viewer Experience: Nobody likes to watch a shaky video. It's distracting and can even make people feel dizzy. A stabilized video keeps your audience engaged from start to finish. They'll be so into what they're watching they won't even think about clicking away. Boosts Your Credibility: When your videos look this good people will take you seriously. Whether you're making videos for fun or as part of your job high-quality action footage will get you noticed. It's a way to show that you know what you're doing and that you're good at it. How to Use Video Stabilization Tools? Let us take an example of CapCut video stabilizer which is an online app. Step 1: Open the tool online You can visit the official website of CapCut video stabilization tool and upload the video by dragging and dropping or simply clicking the upload button. Step 2: Processing & Download Once the video finishes uploading it will be processed to remove the shaking errors in the video. The video will be processed and shown on the screen in just a few seconds. You can see the results and download the video by clicking the Export button. So whether you're a newbie or a pro at making action videos, stabilization tools can make a big difference. They help make your videos look amazing and make the whole process easier and more fun. It's a win-win for everyone.

  • Don’t Let Age Halt Your Dreams: The Teezo Touchdown Story

    With the release of his first studio album, How Do You Sleep at Night, Teezo Touchdown finally answers the age-old question, “When is it time to give up on your dreams?” His answer is simple, never. Before getting into the album there’s something that you need to understand, Teezo Touchdown is an anomaly in modern music as he’s one of the few artists who can’t be categorized in a box. According to an interview with NME, Teezo said this about his style, “I’m never chasing a sound because that would just be satire. Rather than trying to copy a sound, I look at what all this music represents: Why is rock tearing through these stadiums; how is rap tearing up the club; how is pop tearing up the charts? I’m still figuring all that out, but the energy of rock will always be in my music; it might not be guitar-led, but the intensity and urgency of rock will be there.” Before now, Teezo kept most of his identity secret, refusing to share his full name and age with fans. Many may think this was to add to his mysterious lore but in actuality, it was out of fear. In an interview with The Guardian, when talking about his age, Teezo said, “That mystery came from a place of fear,” he explains. “I’m not out here trying to be this teen-spirit thing. I want to break down the wall that if it hasn’t happened for you yet [at 30], it never will. I want to be the biggest star in the world but I also want it to be tangible – I want to help show you that whatever you’re chasing, it’s possible,” he adds. Embodying this phrase as the inspiration for his newest album, Teezo wants to be the spark of inspiration for other artists who want to make it in the music industry but feel that their circumstances hold them back from reaching their full potential. With songs like OK a rock anthem about Teezo reinforcing his core ideals of staying true to himself, to Impossible, where he reminds us that anything is possible as long as we keep on trying, we can see that Teezo’s message is all about uplifting. All of these beliefs culminate in the song and accompanying music video for Familiarity. The video starts with Teezo in 2018 still stuck at home in Beaumont, Texas arguing with his father who wants him to give up on his dream of being an artist and to get a real job. He then sings, “Goodbye Daddy, hope you understand I’m not coming back home until I’m a man.” We follow Teezo around Beaumont recording videos for other artists, and with the few moments he gets for himself, he’s recording his music video before ending the day with his friend in the car complaining about no one giving him a fair chance. Framing this song as his autobiography gives us his most important lesson; just because the world doesn’t believe in your dreams, others doubt you, your friends doubt you, even when your parents doubt you, does not mean you should doubt yourself. Teezo’s new album How Do You Sleep At Night can be streamed on all platforms. Make sure to follow Teezo on Instagram.

  • Dr. Eli Joseph Becomes Youngest Black Professor To Teach Simultaneously At 4 Universities

    There was history made with a single Black professor earlier this year. Dr. Eli Joseph made history as “the youngest Black instructor to teach simultaneously at three prestigious universities: Columbia University, New York University and UCLA." As of August, Dr. Joseph accepted an offer to teach at Dartmouth College, which makes him the youngest instructor to simultaneously teach at four prestigious universities, according to It is only a certain number of students who graduate from these schools. There are even fewer who teach at these prestigious universities. However, Dr. Eli Joseph is one of the few instructors to teach at both institutions simultaneously. While also teaching at Columbia University and NYU and UCLA, he will teach at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth College. Joseph is very accomplished, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t faced a rejection or two. In fact, he’s been rejected by more than 1,500 employers, 30 colleges and 75 scholarship foundations. He was even denied admission to other high-caliber schools, including Princeton, UPenn, Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Brown University. More than 10 years ago, in 2012, Joseph received a rejection letter from Columbia. But today, he is serving on the associate faculty in the applied analytics program at Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Additionally, in 2016, Joseph was rejected by the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. But today, he teaches graduate students at the NYU School of Professional Studies. But there’s more. He’s had thousands of rejection notices from several firms in finance, technology, and managerial consulting, including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Google, Amazon, Facebook, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, and Bain. While Professor Joseph has had several rejections from firms and institutions, he has overcome various personal and professional challenges, including the most recent loss of his older brother. Still, Dr. Joseph stands despite some of the obstacles he has faced. He even recently gave two TEDx talks in the fall: “Time is Your Biggest Competition” and “No Trace, No Case.” And, he’s become one of the youngest members of the World Economic Forum Expert Network. In the future, he plans on collaborating with other elite researchers to enhance the welfare of both people and organizations around the world, according to

  • New Black Children's Animated Series Promotes Mental Health, Wellness

    There is now a new series for Black children that addresses mental health. According to Black Enterprise, there has been a new animated series called The Super CJ: The Animated Series, which was launched on YouTube to bring much-needed awareness to the mental health crisis facing Black children today. Featured in the series is a Black superhero, Super CJ, as well as his funny sidekick, Rex the super dog. Who is Super CJ? He’s a character with a unique flaw in his superpowers: he actually loses powers when he gets angry but can regain them by calming his nerves. The series is already up to 450,000 views on YouTube, resonating with audiences around the globe, and inspiring children, while also shedding light on an important issue -- children’s mental health. Super CJ Children’s Mental Health is a groundbreaking campaign that will be spearheaded by Super CJ. The launch has already started in September, and the campaign “intends to bring much-needed awareness to the critical mental health crisis facing Black children today." Black children in the age range of 5 to 12 are now twice as likely to commit suicide as white folks, with Black teen suicide rates increasing by 78%. Super CJ will navigate difficult situations, confront challenges, and learn valuable life lessons. Each show intends to highlight the importance of emotional well-being and self-regulation, showing children that it’s okay to feel a range of emotions. However, they find calmness and positive coping mechanisms that are key to overcoming obstacles. Super CJ’s journey inspires understanding, empathy and resilience. The Super CJ Children’s Mental Health 365 campaign comprises a range of initiatives that are designed to address various aspects of children’s mental health, including a monthly newsletter with educational resources, online forums, social media campaigns as well as collaborations with mental health professionals, educators, and child advocates. These campaigns strive to “foster an environment that supports the mental well-being of children ever day of the year." “With the animated series and the Children’s Mental Health 365 campaign, we aim to encourage open conversations about mental health, provide support to children and families, and ultimately make a positive impact on the lives of children around the world.”

  • Jason Momoa Balances Being A Father, King of Atlantis In New ‘Aquaman 2’ Trailer

    The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman is on its way! DC has released the thrilling trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and fans on Twitter are already buzzing with excitement. Starring Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and the talented Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane (Black Manta), Aquaman 2 promises to be an action-packed journey under the sea. The trailer offers a look into the life of Curry who is a new father and the king of Atlantis. We also get a tantalizing glimpse into the Lost Kingdom, a mysterious and ancient undersea realm. The Lost Kingdom is shrouded in legend and myth, but now that it is found it could have bad implications for both the surface world and Atlantis. The trailer also hints at a treasure hunt of epic proportions, with Aquaman and his allies diving deep into uncharted waters to uncover its secrets. Black Manta returns, bringing his thirst for revenge being more determined than ever to take down the new king of Atlantis. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 20.

  • Deion Sanders' Recent Colorado Win Boasts Black Enlightenment

    There's one clear thing. Deion Sanders is going to do what he wants to do and he is going to succeed at it despite what naysayers think. He may not think about this daily but Coach Prime is showing that you can absolutely do what you want to without worrying about what others think, which is Black Enlightenment at its finest. The most current development is Sanders left Jackson State University, a Historically Black College -- a school he coached at since 2020, recruiting talent for three years -- before making the switch to Colorado, a school that hasn't been to a bowl game since 2020 when the program went to the Alamo Bowl. If you look on Black Twitter (now called X), many folks were up in arms proclaiming a jarring revelation, saying that he was deviating from the cause and if he had stayed, he could have made a much bigger impact as an African-American man leading the cause of taking the power and money away from predominantly white institutions (PWI). But a harbinger of this football movement in Primetime, much like what he’s done throughout his entire professional career, opted to take his sons, Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders to Colorado with him. Sheduer Sanders is the starting quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, while Shilo is a safety. Sanders also took some of his top-level recruits from Jackson State to Colorado, including No. 1 ranked recruit Travis Hunter, a two-way star who plays both wide receiver and cornerback. Sanders shifted the paradigm once more. And low and behold, Colorado is 2-0 in 2023, a season following a campaign in which the Buffaloes went just 1-11. The now No. 18 program in all of college football beat a TCU team that was just in the national championship game last year (2022) and a Nebraska team that was once considered a respectable program. “Do you believe now?” Sanders asked in a presser following the game. Sanders, with all of his bravado and folklore attributes amid and before press conferences, proved that you can do what you want to do, deviating from what everyone else wants you to do, while also accomplishing the bigger picture. Now, Prime may not think about this, but he is promoting Black Enlightenment (empowerment) and the rise of the Black family, and he is doing so while creating his very own lane, which is what he’s done his entire career. The mercurial superstar also known as Neon Deion first got his start at North Fort Myers High School in Florida where he played quarterback, according to the Clarion Ledger. But he was so athletic that his nickname, Primetime, was attributed to him. He would go on to dominate the cornerback position at Florida State and in the NFL (Falcons, 49ers, Redskins, Cowboys and Ravens), becoming the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1994 and a two-time Super Bowl champion. Sanders, though, also played baseball in high school, Florida State and the MLB. In fact, Sanders is one of the selected few who played professional football and baseball simultaneously, as Sanders played for the Atlanta Braves, the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants. While doing all of this, Sanders found time to elevate his brand even more by becoming a G-Funk artist, releasing two albums that went No. 70 on the US Hip Hop chart and No. 14 on the US Heat Seekers chart. This is Black Enlightenment at its finest. The Must be the Money artist then dabbled in lucrative NFL analyst careers with CBS and the NFL Network before taking on the responsibility of shifting the college football landscape at Jackson State University in 2020 after paying his dues first at Prime Prep Academy, Triple A Academy and Trinity Christian School in Texas. Talent swarmed to Jackson State, as Deion was at the helm of a team that went 27-6, appearing at the Celebration Bowl twice. He also won the SWAC Championship title in his last two seasons at JSU. Jackson State registered its first undefeated season under Sanders, too. All of this was done in the public eye witnessing the best Black players recruited at Jackson State and the Black family. Black empowerment and family at its finest. To think that Coach Prime is done would be laughable. Instead, stay tuned, much like the countless Black celebrities now following the program, and appreciate the movement.

  • Wayne A. Jones Is The First Black Police Chief Of Miami Beach

    The first Black police chief in the city of Miami Beach was sworn in late August. Wayne A. Jones was sworn in as the new Chief of the Miami Beach Police Department in a special ceremony at the New World Center surrounded by family, friends, law enforcement and elected leaders. He raised his right hand and took the oath of office administered by Mayor Dan Gelber, according to CBSNews. "Today I am humbled to stand before you as the first black police chief in one of America's most iconic cities. I actually tell people this is the coolest city in America," Chief Jones said. Serving on the department for 27 years, he started out on patrol and eventually moved up the ranks, leading a task force investigating human trafficking. "In every job he's had, he's performed in an extraordinary fashion," Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said. "It is that body of work that brings him here today to be our chief." Elected officials showed Chief Jones with endless love and praise, including a letter of support from President Joe Biden. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and State Senator Shevrin Jones, among others, presented Chief Jones with various awards and accolades. Jones’ family was in attendance, and his father pinned him with his new badge, which is a full-circle moment for the two men. "My father, who I'm honored is here today to share this special moment with me, to see me become the Police Chief of the department he once warned me about when I was a teenager learning to drive here in South Florida." Born in the Bahamas, Chief Jones moved to South Florida and earned an Associate of Science degree in Aviation from Miami-Dade College, as well as a dual Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Political Science from Florida Memorial University. Additionally, he earned a graduate degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. Most recently, he was the Deputy Chief in Miami Beach, a city where Black folks are less than 5% of the population. "Black Bahamian hands built this city," said Glendon Hall, the Chair of the Miami Beach Black Affairs Advisory Committee. "Black culture made Miami Beach cool, from Ella Fitzgerald to Prince. Don't let anybody ever tell you, you don't belong here." In his speech, he promised to address Spring Break chaos issues as well as increasing diversity in the department through mentorship and training.

  • Quavo Says He Will Enroll Into The University of Georgia Next Year

    First Quavo released his line of ball caps that paid homage to the University of Georgia’s football team. Now, the Atlanta rapper wants to become a bulldog himself. In an interview with Vibe Magazine promoting the collaboration with Lids, the 32-year-old revealed that he is enrolling in UGA next year, according to Fox Atlanta. "Next year, I’m going to enroll myself into University of Georgia. I’m going to be a student on campus," he told the Vibe Magazine. Also, promoting his new collaboration with Lids, the Rocket Power rapper said he has a love for all things UGA. "I love UGA to the fullest. I just want everybody to rep this hat and put it on their head, because we ain’t capping about our rap," he said. The Atlanta rapper teamed up with Lids Hat Drop and ’47 to release two snapback hats paying tribute to the University of Georgia Bulldogs, which are considered rare. The limited-edition condition features the back-to-back Playoff champion Bulldogs’ logos, but it has a new flair added by Qua. But when it comes to the collaboration with Lids, this isn’t anything new. The Bad and Bougie rapper worked with Lids for the past three to four years now, with his first two collaborations being Atlanta Braves World Series hats. “I was just honored and I felt like it was a blessing because growing up I always rocked the Atlanta hat,” he spoke of the partnership. “When I was trying to rap, that was my favorite hat and that was like a staple. Kind of like how the New York Yankee hat is to New York. We love our Atlanta Braves hat.” And the connection has been solid ever since. “The relationship just got stronger and stronger,” he said. “I created another hat when they went back-to-back and won another World Series, thank God. And then now we here with the college wave and UGA won back-to-back. So I guess it’s only right to call Qua at this point [laughs]. I’m just proud of myself for being a part of the family.” Other endeavors Quavo has are Rocket Foundation, Quavo Cares and Huncho Sports, which encourage higher education and extracurricular activities.

  • Elevating Self-Care: Jevon Holland Spotlights Pronamel Active Shield In His Daily Routine

    The NFL star takes to Instagram to share his morning routine including building strong teeth In the world of NFL stars, maintaining peak physical condition is a non-negotiable requirement, both on and off the field. From intense gym sessions to balanced diets, professional athletes go to great lengths to ensure they're at the top of their game season after season. Miami Dolphins star Jevon Holland, a defensive force to be reckoned with, reveals that embodying a defensive lifestyle starts with proper oral hygiene, considering it's a crucial aspect of his daily routine. As part of the latest Pronamel campaign, Holland uses his influence to emphasize the importance of self-care by posting a video to Instagram showing what his off-day morning routine looks like. This glimpse into his daily life serves as an education for fans and enthusiasts alike, illustrating that every decision matters when it comes to athletic performance and overall health. "Get ready to go through an off-day morning with me. First, we start off with breakfast, the most important meal of the day," says the Miami Dolphins Safety, revealing that even during his downtime, his commitment to dietary discipline remains strong, opting for a Jev taco featuring turkey bacon and eggs. Holland's focus on health isn't confined to what he eats; it extends to how he cares for his body. Emphasizing the importance of flexibility and recovery, he integrates stretching and foam rolling into his routine. "This [breakfast] fuels me up for my morning and gives me the energy I need for some nice stretching in and light foam roll. Stretching is an essential part of my off-day routine," Holland shares. He underscores that the physically demanding nature of football calls for the maintaining of his body's flexibility. "I like to start off my day by foam rolling to really roll out the soreness in my body, and then I like to use a massage gun to pinpoint those tight muscles," he adds. While stretching is an obvious component of an athlete’s regimen, Holland showcases the significance of incorporating proper oral care into his routine. The message he conveys is clear – self-care encompasses more than just physical fitness; it embraces holistic well-being, including oral health. “Believe it or not, taking care of my oral hygiene is one of the most important plays I make every day,” Holland shares. Contrary to common perceptions, caring for oral health can yield significant benefits and should be highly-emphasized in self-care routines. Neglecting oral hygiene can result in issues such as gum disease, which may start mildly but escalate into more severe complications if left untreated. Holland shares that the final step in his off-day routine includes brushing his teeth with Pronamel Active Shield. “With its 24-hour cavity protection, Pronamel is my first line of defense against erosion and cavities and the key to strong and healthy teeth.” Not only does brushing your teeth with Pronamel Active Shield Whitening offer round-the-clock cavity protection it also effectively removes stains while whitening your teeth. “Plus, first impressions are everything and your smile is a big part of it,” Holland adds. Learn more about Pronamel Active Shield here. Disclaimer: Follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily for protection

  • Style King: Terrance Elmore Prioritizes His Approach To Fashion With New Book 'Style Essentials'

    Terrance "Tek100" Elmore, fashion stylist and now author, is aiming to curb stereotypes and revolutionize Black men's style with his new e-book Style Essentials: A Style Guide For Men. The Atlanta native hopes to encourage more men to step outside of the norm by sharing tips on how to build a new wardrobe at an affordable price. We caught up with stylish Elmore to discuss why Black men need to take charge of their appearance, personal style, culture, and more. How do you define your personal style? I would say my personal style represents black excellence to the fullest, but because of my upbringing, I must always include a bit of street also. That's the foundation. In my mind, it's a very complex style because I know in the future I will do even more looks that I haven't even debuted yet. It's like a blend, and I'm influenced by styles from many time periods, marketing ads, and movies that show characters that have undeniable style with a touch of edge. When did you realize that your career choice could make an impact on our culture? I realized that my career choice in fashion would make an impact on culture in the year 2014 when Edgewood Ave had the city of Atlanta on lock as far as the clubs, celebrities, and the culture that ultimately influenced the world. At this time, Edgewood was like Studio 54. If you weren't on Edgewood, you weren't anywhere. I quickly became the face of it. I was completely caught off guard by how powerful my style was. It left people captivated, completely speechless and I hadn't even said a word. My style spoke for me. I grew up in an old school environment, I have an old soul, grew up around older men, so unlike most people, I don't find validation in social media. I instead use the clubs and events as testers to see the reactions I get from people to determine if the look was something I should then post or use as a look in my next shoot. I've gone on to do videos and be booked for modeling gigs thereafter but found more appreciation in conceptualizing, creative direction, and styling men since then. Why is it important for Black men to prioritize their image? It's important for Black men to prioritize their image because we deal with enough strikes, stereotypes, and judgment against us. Why not separate yourself from that with a tailored, more approachable, and modern look that exposes poise, confidence, and power before you even open your mouth? You know back in the 1950's and 1960's was when the most history was made that empowered our people. It wasn't uncommon to see us dressed in slacks, three-piece suits, hats, and dress shoes to handle business. Even during the Civil Rights movement and during the Black Panther era, we made a statement that we are truly here to protect and uplift our people. I read a quote that says "How you dress is how you will be addressed," and that could never be more true. As Black men who are striving every day to protect and provide for our families and to not be another statistic, the life we live and lead needs to be taken seriously. And I wouldn't expect anyone else to treat me as otherwise. This is serious. What advice do you give to future creatives who are looking to begin their career? Spend time with yourself, find out what creative gifts God gave you, and master that. Get a mentor, work as an apprentice, get a job/career in that area, study, and apply. Your gift will make room for you and the money will follow. Why was this the perfect time for you to release your new E-Book STYLE ESSENTIALS? I can feel in our culture the awakening of the modern black man who may have been profiled or stereotyped in the past but is now more refined, has a greater interest in his image, his mindset, maybe owns some property, is interested in financial literacy and protecting his legacy. Unfortunately, however, there are not enough guides that share ways to transition into dressing more modern, and sometimes guys might be intimidated because changing your style is new so they may not know where or how to start. It really takes time to build an entire look and new wardrobe and starting with basics is key. So I felt I would shed some light on the best way to get started, just so my brothers have something to use as a reference. What do you hope Black men walk away with after reading your new book? I want Black men to see that you don't have to look as worse as they think you are, you don't have to look as average as the next man, you can instead desire to look better than everybody, and that's what makes it style. Any day could be your last day, so stepping outside looking your best, and being your best self should be a priority. I also want them to walk away with a new perspective on evolving into the man they want to become and ultimately the confidence to make it a lifestyle. Take life seriously and life will take you seriously. Get your copy of Style Essentials: A Style Guide For Men and make sure to follow Tek 100 Instagram. Photo Credit: FosterLew

  • Editor's Pick: Six Must-Haves To Elevate Your Man Cave This Fall From Amazon

    As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to give your man cave a fresh and stylish makeover. Whether you're into sports, the latest TV show, or simply looking for a place to unwind, our Editor-in-Chief has a few items you can purchase on Amazon that will transform your space this fall. From cutting-edge technology to game room additions, here are six must-haves that will take your man cave to the next level. 1. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED 4K TV There is no reason to have a small TV inside your man cave. The bigger the TV, the bigger the experience. If you're looking for a new TV, the SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED 4K TV is a game-changer for your man cave. With 100% color volume using Quantum Dot technology, this TV delivers a stunning and lifelike visual experience. The Quantum Processor Lite with 4K upscaling ensures that your shows and movies look their best, even in lower resolutions. Enjoy enhanced clarity, deep blacks, and impressive contrast with Quantum HDR, and stay immersed in high-intensity sports, movies, and games with Motion Xcelerator. With Object Tracking Sound Lite and Q-Symphony 3.0, your audio experience is elevated to match the incredible visuals. 2. Card Table Spades games need to be played on a proper table. There needs to be space and drink holders because the tables get the rocking when the game gets good. Turn your man cave into a card player's paradise with this versatile card table. This table isn't just for spades, its a poker table that is also a dining table with space for six and drink holders. The transitional design and easy-to-clean faux leather surface make it a stylish and practical addition to your game room. Constructed from solid Birch wood, MDF, and Birch veneers, this table is sturdy and built to last. Pair it with Sunset Trading Vegas Dining Chairs on wheels for the ultimate in-house poker experience. 3. kELUOLAN Waterproof Wall Light Add a touch of modern sophistication to your man cave with the Keluolan Wall Light. Although this is made for the outdoors, this wall sconce features a stylish and simple design that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside. With comfortable color temperature and a soft, romantic light, this wall light is perfect for any setting. Elevate your man cave's ambiance with this elegant lighting solution. 4. Belffin Modular Sectional Sofa Upgrade your seating arrangement with the Belffin Modular Sectional Sofa. This sofa combines minimalist style with comfort, making it an ideal addition to your man cave. The elegant double piping and high-quality velvet fabric create a simple and generous appearance that complements any decor. With cozy seating and a modular design, you can customize the sofa to fit your space perfectly. Relax in style and comfort as you enjoy movies, games, or gatherings in your man cave. 5. Google Nest Hub Max Keep your man cave connected and smart with the Google Nest Hub Max. This device helps you stay in touch with loved ones through video calls and messages with Duo. It's hands-free and voice-controlled, making it convenient for making calls or controlling smart home devices. Nest Hub Max works with thousands of smart home devices, allowing you to manage lights, TVs, locks, and more from one place. With a 10-inch HD screen and stereo speakers, you can enjoy videos, cast your favorite apps, and listen to music with ease. Make your man cave smarter and more entertaining with this all-in-one hub. 6. Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with the Meta Quest 2. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or simply looking to explore new experiences, this VR headset offers it all. With a super-fast processor and high-resolution display, you can enjoy smooth and immersive gameplay. Experience 3D positional audio, hand tracking, and haptic feedback for a real-life feel in virtual worlds. Explore a vast library of over 250 titles across gaming, fitness, social, and entertainment categories, including exclusive releases. With a built-in second battery and a comfortable balancing design, you can play for longer and maximize your comfort. With these six Amazon must-haves, your man cave will be the ultimate retreat for relaxation, entertainment and style this fall. Whether you're hosting game nights, movie marathons, or simply unwinding after a long day, these additions will enhance your space and create memorable moments.

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