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What it Means To Be Young, Black and a Democrat in the South: The Story of Bakari Sellers

Bakari Sellers rises amidst the turbulent racial climate to speak resounding truths and become one of the greatest revolutionaries. In a new documentary titled, While I Breathe, I hope, we get a chance to see how this South Carolina Politician runs to become the first African American candidate elected statewide in over a century.

Sellers is the voice of millennials and the silenced African American youth. It’s essential for society to recognize that African Americans are people. We are people of promise and thriving catalysts for positive change. Age, ethnicity, and political standings are only a fraction of what defines a person as a human being. He will undoubtedly confront numerous obstacles on his journey to achieving his desired end. One can hope that his tenacity and unyielding drive will propel him forward in the political arena.

Hopefully, this charismatic trailblazer will bring about a much-needed awakening for our country. Somehow the poisonous roots of racism must die. The ideals that our country founded must be implemented in every aspect of daily life. One man can’t reverse a nation’s history that’s steeped in bigotry, but he can challenge convictions and open minds. No matter the outcome, Seller will leave his mark in history. A hard-won victory would be glorious, and it’s not out of reach. After all, Barack Obama was our nation’s first African American president. Despite this positive progress, the country has a long, tough road ahead.

This groundbreaking documentary is directed by the award-winning Emily Harrold and executive produced by Charlamagne Tha God. Check out the trailer for While I Breathe, I hope below.


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