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Van Jones Focuses on Rehabilitation with CNN’s “The Redemption Project”

Faith is the belief in trusting in things seen and unseen. Faith is a construct that sometimes battles against the truth. These opposing dualities could possibly make up one’s moral when determining how to accept and respond to tragedy. We often put our faith in people and systems that has proven itself to fail which in turns leaves us with the next best option. That is to find salvation and resolve by our own means.

The Redemption Project, produced by political figure Van Jones, is the blueprint of what prison reform could, in fact, be when human morals out way punishment and rehabilitation prevail over institutionalized oppression. The 8-part television series gives us an eye-opening glimpse into the lives of victims when their world collides with the sole person who has dramatically impacted it. “When you add damage to damage you tend to get more damage, and sometimes the court system windsup creating a cycle of violence,” said Jones.

When giving the opportunity to come face to face with a stranger, who’s responsible for the life long hurt you have endured, how do you reconcile? Do you forgive? Where do you place your faith? These were frequent thoughts that came to mind while watching The Redemption Project. Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions made by the individualized stories shared, one thing for certain Van Jones is leading the conversation about techniques our prison system should be exploring. “We are pushing for restorative justice to have a process by which people have been hurt could have their needs better met.”

Before the screening of the first episode in New York, The Quintessential Gentleman’s Editor-in-Chief Eric K. Thomas spoke with Van.

Catch the premiere of The Redemption Project this Sunday, April 28th at 9 pm on CNN.


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