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Under Armour signs A$AP Rocky, can he do what Kanye Did for Adidas?

Multiple sources announced Saturday that A$AP Rocky and UAS has agreed to a multi-year deal. The Harlem-born rapper will work with Under Armour to build their lifestyle brand (UAS). In spite of this new collaboration, the two could not be more different.

A$AP is coming into a company with little to no relevance in the lifestyle market. Coming off collaborations with Adidas Originals, Guess, and Raf Simons, this is something of a strange move for both parties. Then again, bringing on Rocky on can be the direction change they need to retake their market share.

Ever since the brands market explosion in 2015 & 16 (due to the ascension of Stephen Curry) their shoe market share and Stock value has steadily been decreasing. The Maryland-based company is just twenty years old but has never been part of the fashion scene.

It took one of the biggest stars in the game to give them some relevance in the culture and now they’re trying to do it again.

A$AP is charismatic, interesting, and Creative but why would he join UA?

They’re going to need a complete overhaul to progress in any way in the industry. As it stands now, UAS brand attire could just as easily pass for Kohls brand. Nobody out here needs to pay $90 for a Kohls crew neck sweater.

If Rocky can have any impact at all on this brand it’ll be on the way they’re talked about. The act of signing him is enough to change the narrative of the clumsy looking UA Curry’s. Similarly to what Yeezy did for Adidas when they were struggling to stay afloat.

If Rocky is successful in this new venture we will be looking at a completely new company. After all, he signed a multiple year deal, the company should allow him to have his creative freedom.

Speaking of creative freedom, RAF.


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