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Three US Senators Lobby for Removal of Women’s Golf Events From Trump-owned Course

After the extreme impalpable, rhetoric presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has spewed the last year, three United States Democratic senators are doing their best to ensure the U.S. Golf Association will remove next year’s women’s open from a New Jersey course, owned by Trump.

According to ABC News, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut are taking aggressive actions to move July’s golf event far from Trump National in Bedminster.

And, the senators called USGA executive director, Mike Davis, to also suspend any other events on properties owned by Trump due to his volatile, invasive and assuming comments on many ethnicities. In fact, they described it as a “pattern of degrading and dehumanizing women” over the course of decades and decades.

Of course, the Trump organization declined for comment.

More than a decade ago in 2005, the republican candidate was recorded in a video using unacceptable language, boasting on inhumane acts of sexual assault. Trump has been accused of unwanted sexual advances by several women this month alone. But of course, he has refuted those sentiments, calling the women liars and threatening to sue.


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