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How To Stay Stylish While Playing Sport: Four Top Tips

If you’re a sports fanatic who loves to look their best, it can be tough to find all the necessary equipment and still look good while you’re active. Badly fitting clothes, clunky accessories and loud patterns are all common problems when shopping for activewear, and can put you off before you’ve even started working out. If you’ve been struggling with sportswear, then keep reading – we’ve got four great tips that will help you look your best, no matter how sweaty you get!

Try On Clothes Before Purchasing

Just like regular clothes, badly fitting sports clothes don’t do anyone any favors; not only do they alter the appearance of your body shape and reduce your confidence, they can also hinder your performance – especially if you’re a runner or cyclist. It’s also worth noting that inappropriately sized clothes and accessories can not only slow you down – they can also be dangerous; they can increase your risk of an injury, and also cause blisters and sores. Make sure you take the time to try everything on before you buy it, and check fabric labels; performance wear should be made of a fully breathable material designed to wick perspiration away from your body.

Choose Smart Accessories

Whatever sport you’re interested in, you’re going to need accessories; whether you’re looking for somewhere to keep your valuable items or a bag to transport your equipment, you’re going to want them to be sleek, modern and stylish. Of all the activity trackers, Fitbits are the most popular; their minimal styling and modern interface make for a great wrist accessory, while a divers watch from is essential for anyone heading into open water. If you’re a runner or cyclist, sunglasses are a vital piece of equipment; not only do they protect your eyes from UV light, they also help to filter out any dirt, dust or insects and improve vision in various different weathers.

Opt For Neutral Colors

When shopping for activewear, you’ll notice that there are a lot of patterns around; the easiest way to stay stylish is to keep patterns and color to a minimum, opting instead for neutrals and monochrome clothing. To keep it interesting, add layers; wearing shorts over sports tights, and a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved top will give you room to play with different tones and shades of the same color – you might not want to look garish, but you don’t want to look dull either.

Keep Logos To A Minimum

Activewear used to feature huge logos, either as a centerpiece on a t-shirt, or splashed across the entire garment – but nowadays, they tend to be more subtle. Avoid being a walking advertisement, and instead opt for clothing that keeps brand detail to a minimum; small logos on the breast pocket or hem of a trouser is fine, but otherwise, choose clothing that is completely plain. The same goes for accessories, particularly on hats – this is going to be the first thing people notice, so keep it subtle!


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