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Stefon Bristol and Spike Lee’s “See You Yesterday” Hits Netflix TODAY

Today, Netflix released the new movie See You Yesterday starring Eden Duncan-Smith and Dante Crichlow who take you on a wild ride filled with science, humor, and depictions of what is currently happening in today’s society. In See You Yesterday, high school best friends and science prodigies C.J. (played by Smith) and Sebastian (played by Crichlow) build a pair of time machines and use them in order to save the life of CJ’s brother.

We had the chance to speak with writer and director Stefon Bristol who admits this is a movie that has taken years to get to and he couldn’t be happier. The movie started out 5 years ago, as a short that he submitted for a film festival. He believed that the storyline was too good not to release on a bigger scale so he worked tirelessly over the years to make it happen. One year was spent gaining the finances needed to produce the project and two years to turn the short into a feature film changing the story a bit to reflect the times we are currently living in and allowing it to be more relatable was one of the major changed.

Bristol teamed up with his friend and mentor Spike Lee to make the movie possible. Spike not only offered his assistance with the project but brought his expertise and style of producing and connection to the Netflix executives to the picture as well. In addition to Lee, you’ll notice another famous face as Michael J. Fox rounds out the cast. He stated that all of the execs working on the film including he and Spike wrote a letter to Fox requesting his presence in the film and based off of that alone he agreed.

Bristol admits while working on the film he had been watching the back to the future series, so having Michael J Fox was a no brainer. It was also very important to bring the same lead actors from the short back to the full-length project because they were connected and truly brought the characters to life. When asked what do you hope people take away from this movie, Bristol replied…..”I want people to have their own interpretations for the film”. The audience certainly will as they reach the ending of the film which was changed a few times but settled on the one you will soon see.

Be prepared to not be disappointed by the film that mixes sci-fi, black culture, comedy, and drama, family love, cultural divides and the universal urge to change the wrongs of the past. Kudos Stefon.

See You Yesterday is available today on Netflix Today (May 17th).


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