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Spring’s 2016 Top 5 Style and Fashion Trends for Men

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2. Overalls Gone are the days of overalls being viewed as a denim monstrosity men wore to hold their snuff and the keys to a tractor, or the baggy Tommy Hilfiger variation seen in so many 1990’s hip hop music videos. Overalls have been reworked and refined in an exciting way that actually looks good on the runways (see Alexander Wang or A.P.C. Spring 2016).

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3. Zip Wallets This alternative to the classic bi-fold is back, and is being made available in a broader assortment than ever before. From the bright neon hues offered by Commes des Garçons, the futuristic geometric print by Bao Bao Issey Miyake, to  the beautifully textured leather of Valextra, the zip wallet is as utilitarian as they are stylish. 

Not for fashion’s faint of heart, wearing socks with sandals are amazing when done correctly, and awkward and pretentious if you miss the mark. Though this trend doesn’t have much rhyme or reason, be sure to match the type of sock with the type of sandal. Usually the thinner the sock, the better.


In recent times, the often one dimensional fitted trouser have become synonymous with chic. The current resurgence of baggy trousers demonstrates that good tailoring ultimately determines what looks good, while bringing variety in an array of shapes and proportions for the masculine silhouette. From pleats to panels, a little volume can fill up the void skinny and slim pants have created.

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