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Oakland Raiders file trademark for ‘Las Vegas Raiders’

The Oakland Raiders could be moving to Las Vegas, sooner rather than later.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the Raiders, filed for three trademarks to the phrase “Las Vegas Raiders” that seek to give the team the exclusive right to use the name on team equipment and merchandise.

Raiders owner Mark Davis during practice. ©ESPN 2014

In recent years, the Raiders have explored moving to several cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Antonio.

It’s important to note the Raiders one-year lease with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum ends after the completion of the 2016 season. The Raiders have played at the 56,000 seat coliseum since moving back to Oakland in 1995.

Per, on Tuesday U.S. Senator Harry Reid expressed his support for the creation of the Las Vegas domed stadium that would host the Raiders. Raiders owner Mark Davis has pledged to give $500 million towards building a new stadium in Las Vegas.The stadium would cost and estimated $2 billion.


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