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‘MODERN ICON’ Launched by ELEVE XII Debut’s in Atlanta

The ‘MODERN ICON’ launched by ELEVE XII collection presentation was hosted at House of Blended Ink Monday evening. The presentation kicked off with a performance from R&B artist Siergio in which he electrified the audience and provided a smooth vibe for the show proceeding him. The presentation consisted of 8 different outfits styled in various fashions. 2 outfits out of the presentation were centered around a golden rose theme which covered the blazer and pants of the models. Another set showcased a burgundy over-sized coat with slim trousers. Each outfit provided it’s very own unique style which one could also very well see in a high-end retail store as ready to wear. For a fashion presentation in Atlanta Eleve XII did not disappoint at all. The vision and the broad scope of clothing that caters to those who are fashion forward as well as the individual that wants to stand out.

Eleve XII is a custom menswear brand specializing in streetwear. The company was founded in 2012 by Demariyon Futch. Inspired by modern architecture, the streets, and club culture, Eleve XII puts a stamp on luxury streetwear and pushes the boundaries of ordinary ready-to-wear custom clothing.

Photo Credit: BY Lawrence Ellis, SOURCE, Jay Go Get It, UMEEK IMAGES


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