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Menswear from Romeo Hunte’s New York Fashion Week Presentation

With February’s New York Fashion Week coming to a close we wanted to show you some cool menswear that was featured by Romeo Hunte. Hunte’s NYFW presentation took place on February 11th. The designer and Brooklyn Native had 21 models on display wearing his Ready To Wear items for Fall 2017. While most of the collection was womenswear there were four menswear looks that proved Hunte has what it takes to craft innovative threads for men.

Hunte is no stranger to his clothes being worn by an exclusive clientele. He designs have been worn by Beyonce and even featured on her personal Instagram page. Actress and singer Zendaya has been spotted several times wearing Hunte’s designs. The list of celebrities wearing Hunte’s designs continues from Lupita Nyong’o to Laverne Cox. While we are familiar with his womenswear we were intrigued to see his menswear on display during fashion week.

Romeo Hunte has found his fans and his niche. He’s staying loyal to both with a fall collection that was strongest in outerwear: his now-classic, buffalo plaid looks and two jacket/coat hybrids — one in white shearling dramatically collared in white fox — along with a down-filled red nylon version, both with the same zip-off, two-in-one flexibility. The designer cites this zipper detail as one of the many ways men’s wear has influenced him and informed the season’s shapes and details. But when he elaborated, describing his wool and cashmere minidresses with long sleeves, zippered fronts and plunging necklines as “based on a man’s blazer,” well, that defies the imagination.

The menswear looks included camouflage jackets and cropped pants, clear rain coat, zip away shearling jacket, and cropped denim pants. Each model wore what appeared to be white Dr. Martens shoes. Romeo Hunte’s menswear is definitely something we can see your favorite male celebrities wearing. While Romeo’s designs are popular with women we look forward to seeing which in demand male stars will rock his clothes in the near future. If you want to shops his men’s Fall/Winter 16 collection click here.

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