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Meet Young Executive Keith Crawford

In today’s society, it is rare to see the future generations making it their purpose to prepare tomorrows leaders. With a mission of striving to encourage and uplift our communities by providing endless opportunities, Keith Crawford and Anquita Mitchell, graduates of the 2014 class of Carver Early College High School in Atlanta, Georgia have founded the Young Executives. Keith describes the Young Executives as an organization dedicated to providing local youth with a different point of view and exposure to different opportunities. He explains how one of the biggest setbacks in the black community is generational curses, describing how so often “we don’t know about equity, we don’t know about credit, we don’t know about things that will help us to have generational wealth” as illustrated in Beyonce‘s Boss where she speaks of her great-great-grandchildren as already being rich. He goes on to speak of a partnership with Build Yourself Up and with this connection, they created a 3-day weekend conference. This event includes an all-white party at the God is Dope headquarters and provides a networking opportunity with artists, singers, painters, authors, business owners, and many more. We had the opportunity to learn more about Keith and the Young Executives.

What are you doing to inspire and motivate the next generation of black men?

What I’m doing currently is showing them that no matter where you come from or what obstacles lie in your way, you still can make it. I do so by speaking at events and honing on the topic of monetizing your passion(s). I also have mentees and teach them the importance of money management, educating themselves endlessly by reading books that interest them and lastly being a gentleman.

What is the best advice you’ve received to date?

The best advice I received to date is for one to have good credit if you want to have your own business. No business owner will be successful with poor credit. Eventually, you will apply for a business bank account, a business credit card and maybe even a loan to open up your first storefront. All of which requires you to have good credit and to truly understand investing your money and allowing your money to work for you.

What makes you a Quintessential Gentleman?

I am a Quintessential Gentleman because I am a young male who never lets any situation deter me from accomplishing any goal I have for myself. The mission of my brand is to empower people. To let them know that they too are capable of accomplishing any goal they set as long as they never give up on themselves and remain focused. I’ve done so by speaking and hosting various events and being a mentor. This is why I know I am a Quintessential Gentleman.

What events do you have coming up?

We have the 2nd Annual Executives Gala coming up in November. This fundraising gala is one that honors trailblazers in the metro Atlanta area who have been making an impact in their communities. The proceeds go to help fund the Young Executives mentorship program that will be debuting fall 2019 and the community outreach projects the non-profit host. We also have our Holiday Soirée in December, which is where we sponsor families in need by supplying them with jackets, coats, food and more necessary items for the season.

How can people get involved?

We always welcome volunteers for our community projects. Anyone interested can send us their information via Instagram and/or subscribe to our mailing list here so they can be updated with all things Executives. If you’re interested in attending The Executives Gala held on November 4, click here to purchase your tickets. *Tickets are limited.


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