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Have a fear iPhones are getting too big? Apple just saved you!

Apple hosted its first event for 2016 in Cupertino, California this afternoon!

The company unveiled its latest projects! Here are the 3 Top things to take away from the event!

Apple launches its newest iPhone and named it iPhone 4 SE. This will be a 4-inch phone. This is great for people who wanted something newer than the iPhone 5 or iPhone5s but didn’t want to have a bigger phone.

2. Smaller Ipad Pro The company has created a smaller iPad. The new iPad Pro is 9.7-inches and well than a lb! 3. iWatch Discounted

The iWatch now starts at $299! Also Apple has realize that people are switching out their Bands often, they released different band colors and types!

Make sure you download the new operating software iOS 9.3 Today!

Will you be upgrading your Apple products?

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