Gucci’s Simplest Looks Are Popular

What does a hot rapper, popular singer, and an entertainment executive all have in common? They all wear Gucci. The answer is simple, for fashion lovers that is. Future, Bruno Mars, and “lifestyle specialist” Kenny Burns were all spotted wearing a simple black Gucci shirt. As basic as the item is, popular artists especially in hip hop are gravitating toward Gucci; artists like 2 Chainz and ASAP Rocky. Last year Complex reported “Gucci has supplanted Givenchy as the high end, designer label of choice among style-conscious rappers”.

Gucci has seen a rebirth so to speak and a rise in sales ever since creative director Alessandro Michelle and CEO Marco Bizarri took over back in 2015. That also happened to be the same year we learned that Gucci was the most referenced brand in hip hop. Last year we witnessed Gucci on display in a big way throughout Beyonce’s “Formation” video from the opening scene to the gym where the star and other dancers were wearing Gucci athleisure.