Meet Christian D. Bruun, Director of “Blue Gold: American Jeans”

Are you ready for the story of global fashion told through blue jeans? Well film maker, Christian D. Bruun‘s feature film titled “Blue Gold: American Jeans” will give you just that. Christian D. Bruun is no stranger to the entertainment industry. His love for film and fashion cross-pollinate one another. Christian D. Bruun is an international film director/producer and curator with over 17 years of professional experience. Christian is seamlessly maneuvering through the rugged terrain we call the film industry and his international feature film “Blue Gold” is premiering in April of 2017. From fashion and rock’n roll, to the loss of American manufacturing, “Blue Gold” is a documentary that explores how we are all connected in a globalized world. Be sure to check out the trailer below as well as his exclusive QG interview.

Blue Gold American Jeans

What inspired you to start in film and fashion?

I have a background in Design (I used to be an architect) and I know how important design and fashion are in expressing who we are and how we want to be seen. That fact that jeans are everywhere and that they signify so many different things – that they stand for so many things, was very interesting to me.

What was your involvement in “Blue Gold: American Jeans” and why?

I am the director, the producer, and the cinematographer, I worked on the graphics (along with the super talented Gerald Mark Soto), and I did all the color correction. It really was a personal project and I wanted a hand in all aspects of the film.

When did you first start making this film and how did you begin the process?

The process started when my friend and jeans designer Christine Detlefsen took me to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA, at 4.30 am, where she was looking for interesting details on vintage jeans. It could have been an old design detail or stitch, or a certain way the jeans had been worn in, ripped, repaired, or stained over the years. All those details determine the price and I was shocked to learn that they would go for anywhere from $1,500 to tens of thousands of dollars.