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Generation “Y”

There is a renaissance underway in the cobblestoned streets of Paris, a monstrous rumbling of “cool” that permeates through the limestone-clad walls of the old ateliers. Men’s fashion hasn’t been this exciting since the eighties.

Glenn Martens is at the forefront of this movement with his architecturally inspired pieces designed for his concept brand Y/Project. Based in Paris, Y/Project is about freedom, which is evident through it’s broad spectrum of garments, ranging from outlandish biomorphic shapes to quite reserved wearable pieces. Martens manages to retain a sense of luxury throughout his collections, an irreverent luxury that makes deconstruction look, well, refined.

Martens, a Royal Academy of Arts alum, has revitalized the brand that was founded by Yohan Serfaty, whose untimely passing gave way for Martens to implement his creative vision. Y/Project’s collections are interestingly spliced, consisting of half menswear and womenswear, and the remaining half being gender optional. The Y/Project aesthetic is something you will see many men wear, as the world further embraces individuality. Check out some of Y/Project’s avant garde looks below….



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