G-Shock’s Holiday Preview Event

On Tuesday, October 4th, G-Shock held its exclusive Holiday Preview media event at Gary’s Loft in NYC.

G Shock6

During the event, G-Shock showcased the brand’s newest timepieces for both its men’s and women’s collections. The event also highlighted an array of watches from its base models, which continues to bring together the creative and youthful fan base that have become a large portion of their supporters, to its luxury line which puts the “G” in Genius.

G Shock2

Amongst the droves of luxury watch brands, there is only one that could take a beating. Casio G-Shock luxury watches are unaffected by most impacts. Some of which include the stainless steel Metal Twisted G-Shock (MT-G Series) and the newly released MR-G series which reign supreme as the highest of the brand.

G Shock30