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Father’s East Dane Has You This Holiday

Hey Dad, We got you!

Do you remember the times when life was just simple? When the perfect father’s day gift was crafted by the heart or mom forged your signature on something she thought deemed worthy enough to come from the child of a king. E-commerce retailer East Dane brings back all those feel-good vibes when lurking their accessories tab.

Sometimes we forget the small things and realizing that it’s okay to go back to the basics to relive those experiences that once brought a smile to dad’s face is priceless. Well now as an adult there will definitely be some cost differences, however, the worth of being able to go back and be a child again is nostalgic in itself. Rather it was a beer mug, a neck-tie, wallet or a good gadget, East Dane has it covered and Dad, we got you!

Here are a few finds that you might enjoy:

Troubadour – $416.50

B&O PLAY – $299.00

Larose – $175.00


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