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David Donahue Popup Shop at Rothman’s in NYC

David Donahue, the menswear brand known as “luxury with its sleeves rolled up,” made its way into the retail arena with a popup shop featuring its Fall 2017 collection at Rothmans in New York City. The David Donahue shop opened last week with an official launch event hosted by CEO Rob Donohue, and Creative Director Suzy Donohue. As the wardrobe provider for NBC Sportscasters, David Donahue was joined for a “meet and greet” by former NHL player and current NBC Sportscaster Anson Carter. The event was topped off by craft beer tasting, live music, food, and special promotions and is free to the general public. The popup shop runs through November 15th

The David Donahue brand of menswear has evolved from a men’s accessory business into a highly successful brand with a loyal following of customers and leading retailers. The Fall 2017 collection is designed to fit a man’s lifestyle from morning to night, from work to weekends. The collection’s fashion range includes dress and sports shirts, tailored clothing, pants, knits, outerwear, evening wear, and accessories including ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

David Donahue 9

“Our clothes are made for men with an active lifestyle, who understand the need to work hard and enjoy life, and whose style reflects their confidence and outward expression,” says Rob Donohue.  “They are confident, loyal and able to burn the midnight oil and coach little league baseball with an eye toward developing enriching and meaningful experiences.”

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“Our Fall 2017 Collection incorporates high-quality fashion design with careful attention to every stitch, button and seam with a meticulous eye to fit, color, pattern, and style,” adds Suzy Donohue. “It was inspired by our customer’s daily life – both in and out of the work environment and creates a sense of harmony and balance.”

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