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Dale Holness Becomes The First Black Mayor Of Broward County, Florida

As 2019 draws to a close, there are monumental moments worthy of remembering, which inspire and empower us as we move forward to become our best selves. Dale V.C. Holness is a living example of this as he makes history by becoming the first Black mayor in Broward County, Florida. Serving as vice mayor last year was just the stepping stone that would allow him to reach greater heights in an already impressive career. It was an unforgettable day on November 19, 2019, when Holness was voted in by the county commission to serve as mayor.

As a champion of equality, he strives to support small, minority businesses, implement a plan for fair working wages and create opportunities for economic development as well as homeownership. He is credited for the creation of a cricket stadium at Central Broward Park in Lauderhill and the CBE certification system, which is a small business inclusion program.

In addition to these outstanding achievements, Holness has been the driving force in global advocacy for Broward County in international trade. He also founded the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and created the Lauderhill Incubator. Holness is a 30-year veteran in real estate broking and the president and CEO of All Broward Realty. We look forward to hearing great things coming from his time in office!

Photo credit: David I Muir Source: Island Origins Magazine


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