Creative Soul: Freeform’s “Siren” Ian Verdun

Ian Verdun pays humble homage to the gift of art and shares how creativity positively influenced his life. His love of the arts and respect for family ties uniquely defines him as an actor and individual. There’s beauty even in the darkest places and channeling one’s inner creativity can open doors of opportunity. He presents a stellar example by sharing his perspective on artistic endeavors. You may have seen Ian in Freeform’s SciFi thriller Siren, as Xander McClure. As an actor, writer, and producer, he offers exemplary insight for anyone interested in the entertainment field.

Siren’s story unfolds when a mysterious girl appears in Bristol Cove and inexorably alters the fate of the small, coastal town forever. Alongside Verdun, the series features the acting talents of Eline Powell, Alex Roe, and Sibongile Mlambo.

Verdun identifies with Xander Mcclure through his fierce loyalty and dedication but is much less impulsive than his character. Xander’s loyalty becomes a character flaw at certain points during the show because he is too trusting and naive. He describes Xander as a “portly Thor” since the scripted character wasn’t originally meant to be portrayed by a person of color. He’s thankful for the change in direction and pleased that a person of color can play the character perspective.

When asked what inspired him to become an actor, Verdun stated, “I’ve been a creative person all my life. I was the kid who always carried an art pad.” He became involved with school plays at the age of thirteen. From thirteen years old to college, he actively participated in theater. He views his artistic endeavors as a “purposeful choice.” His family didn’t have much, but he was inspired to pursue what brought him joy.

Ian Verdun 2

His creative experience as a playwright began at eighteen years old and involved monologuing for a class exercise which blossomed into an entire play. He created and directed plays in his free time. Verdun believes creativity takes different forms.

Life experiences were the inspirational source for Life’s A Drag. He believes frustrations can be conveyed through art and creating something positive. The script was written in three days and the project was developed with the help of friends. He states that pain can be turned into creative gold.

Siren appealed to him as a film project because he could relate to the character’s internal makeup and didn’t focus on the physi