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Atlanta’s Black Chefs Unite for Holiday Potluck

Atlanta has become the mecca for people of color for decades. People flock to Atlanta to create a better life while embarking on journeys in many of the city’s creative communities that they could only have dreamed of. One of Atlanta’s most popular communities is the culinary one. Chefs from all around have come to the city to infuse their backgrounds with the cities growing culture.

Food & Lifestyle TV curated the inaugural Chefs Holiday Potluck hosted by Chef Jaaion Barnes and Chef Robert Butts. It was a day full of unified chefs, networking, laughing and eating from dishes that each chef prepared. Some of the afternoon dishes included lamb chops and salmon prepared by Chef Jaaion. Chef Cam Dangerfield baked a CBD Infused peach cobbler and Chef Mark Phillips created lamb wonton tacos with pickled beets. Chef Joe made an island salmon dish prepared with Jon Vodka, a new black-owned Island liquor, and Chef Robert Butts prepared a braised barbeque ribs and so much more.

Thanks to the vision of Food & Lifestyle TV’s Deevo Haralson and Jay Young, they have created a safe space for chefs and influencers to be true to their craft.

You can catch more of Food & Lifestyle TV and its content in 2020.


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